Official: MGS Snake Eater 3D delayed into 2012

VG247: "Konami has reportedly pushed Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D’s release date."

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disturbing_flame2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

No surprise.
A game that isn't 3dproof at its release on a console that is named 3ds, it is such annoying.

BizDaWolf2465d ago

man 3ds need this right now

Optical_Matrix2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

No it doesn't. Doesn't need this at all. It has

Kid Icarus
StarFox 64
Mario Kart
Tales of Abyss
Luigi's Mansion 2
Animal Crossing 3D
Super Paper Mario
Super Mario 3D
Pokemon Battle Rumble Blast
Dr Lautrec
One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP

All of those games are incoming over the next 6-9 months. Considering the fact that most people like myself, already have the game on PS2, and are also getting the HD Collection in November again, like myself, the game is pretty pointless in my opinion. It'll hardly do anything for the DS. All of or at least, most of those games I mentioned will probably sell more than it anyway.

Personally waiting for all the 3DS haters to arrive. They're the same people who ass licked the PS3 in its first 2 years which were quite frankly, appalling if I'm honest. Now it's arguably the best HD console on the market, but to say it's first 2 years weren't dreadful...well lol Would be a lie. 3DS will get better, it's in the exact same situation. What a joke lol Love this website. But I guess people hate on what they can't afford. Broke gamers. Allow it

BizDaWolf2465d ago

I will only buy three games for the 3ds super smash bros,KH3DS,MGS3 be real dude your not going to half of those game you listed

Optical_Matrix2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

Look at my post history, and you'll see it actually favours PS3 and Vita a lot more than the other systems lol Don't come to me with that fanboy shit. I'm in a handful of people that actually own all current handhelds and consoles on this site and speak of them fairly. I've been accused of being a Wii fanboy, a PS3 fanboy, and even a 360 fanboy in this site in the past just for trying to bring a fair, non sweeping statement to the table. So get out of here with that shit. Seen it all before mate. Simmer down and if you're not willing to actually check my post history to see than I'm in fact, not a Nintendo fanboy, then shut your mouth and don't make accusations lol simple

Add me on XBL: OpticalMatrix, PSN: Otakublue...fuck knows my Wii friend code.

Stealth2k2465d ago

Hes telling he truth

Doesnt make him a fanboy accept for hater logic.

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Venox20082465d ago

how do they expect this to sell, when hd remakes will be made before? i will buy 3d vers but will others?

StbI9902465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

No, 3DS is bound to fail to the like of android and vita, let it be.

Venox20082465d ago

Sorry, but 3DS won't fail...

BroGamer2465d ago

As long as they make it better. But not what the 3DS needs at all for 2011.

ReservoirDog3162465d ago

This and Kingdom Hearts 3DS is what I'd buy a 3DS for.

Neither seem to be coming out soon though.

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