Infinity Ward rejects story mode co-op

Infinity Ward aren't going to follow the crowd and change how they approach the single player campaign with their hugely popular Modern Warfare series.

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disturbing_flame2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

To me infinity ward is not the studio i used to know. This inovative studio that made COD 2 and COD 4 so famous. With the exode of the boss of infinity ward i think everything that made a COD a good game is gone with them.
Shame on Activision, shame on you for 20 years for not giving the opportunity to one of your studio that made billions dollars in revenue, a new licence.
Infinity ward has done inovations with the serie that made the difference, treyarch and sledgehammer are only followers, working on the engine Infinity Ward has made.

I'm definitely more curious for the new game of ex Infinity ward bosses at EA games now, than any COD that will be released by Activision on this generation.

chak_2519d ago

MW2 was IW's and nothing was innovative at all.

They sure had genius flashes with COD2 and 4, but since then....

disturbing_flame2519d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

It's half true, that's the reason i've not talked about MW2 in my statement.
Read about MW2 story mate.

Infinity Ward didn't want to make MW2. Activision forced Infinity ward to make MW2. They wanted to do a new licence, but when Activision learned they were planing to do an other game than MW2 they send their lawyers to them.
Making MW2 was not the best time of the studio's life...

Actually Activision didn't believe in COD 4 too, they didn't support Infinity Ward when they tried to release Modern warfare 1, they believed it would flopped hard. And we all know the story, the engine is now used by all the studios working on the serie : Treyarch and sledgehammer... And it makes billions of dollars and has made over 20 millions fanboys of the serie. Kudos to Infinity Ward for that.

the funniest is the part when Activision created name domain for games like "Call of Duty: Space Warfare" , the game that Infinity Ward wanted to do. They put an other team on the project in front of their eyes just to put the pressure on Infinity Ward.

After releasing MW2 and seeing Activision taking their idea the bosses of infinity ward left Activision.

So yes MW2 was not great, but it was not the game IW wanted to make. And even if the game was not great it's still flavored IW with fast action packed gameplay, better than BO imo.
And no inovations in MW2 ? The reward system is better than any COD on the market, your profile was associated by success you were unlocking in the game by executing certain actions. It was a nice way to customise your ID player card.
When a game was host migrating, it stopped and search for a new host just to make the game not end at this moment. it's not Treyarch that have find the idea on COD 5...
Using throwing knife, introduction of throwing objects in the game with a new physic engine to do it, it's again IW not treyarch that have done it.
There's so much details that shows this studio have done correctly teir job...

There's so much more to learn about that story, but journalists don't make their job correctly, today they make random articles about subjects that are meaningless, i think a lot of gamers would prefer read why Activision don't let talentuous studio work on new licence when this studio made them earn billions of dollars.

awi59512518d ago

They were forced to make MW2 they didnt want to bring out another so fast.

Scary692518d ago

Now are they having co-op for the multiplayer part? I sure hope not because this is the #2 reason why many rooms lag. People with crappy connection on a split screen make the room even worse.

hiredhelp2519d ago

Dont worry dude. Keep ear to the ground with . Respawn studios were thoes handy few have now created there own army of devs. Inc ppl who have worked on sony exclusivs such as gow3 , even the movie industry google there site look at there crew. Im sure when there ready, activision will be wanting to start a new franchise.

TXIDarkAvenger2519d ago

Wow, I'm probably not picking this game for other reasons but co-op campaign with 4 people would of been awesome. I was really disappointed that Black Ops promised co-op campaign and the pulled the plug before release.

Inside_out2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

. seems that they want to stick with what has worked in the past. I think for COD it's not needed and of course they have the whole spec-ops option. It changes the way the campaign is played out and consoles, especially the PS3, are ill equipped to provide the amount of resources needed to prop up the AI and enemy count to support a story based co-op campaign. The 360 would just get by but the PS3 would be dead in the water or require a considerable downgrading. The fanboys would never stop complaining like the last game, Black ops...O_o

Pick up a Halo game or Gears of War 3 ( 4 peeps story based co-op ) in September for the best co-op this gen.

Hicken2519d ago

lmao, the PS3 couldn't handle the AI?

So the AI in upcoming Starhawk that will be navigating dynamically changing battlefields is less of a challenge than the campaign co-op seen in World At War back in like 2009?

Why can't N4G take away your last bubble???

BeOneWithTheGun2518d ago

I know, right? Also, who the hell says "peeps"?

Baka-akaB2519d ago

lol i have seen retarded argument but this ...

majdees2519d ago

Hey anyone has a retard language dictionary cuz I can't figure out what this one is trying to say. Man so many tards in here.

Drekken2519d ago

You really are the most annoying poster on this site.

An article about single player coop for a multiplat game and you find a way to bash the PS3 and promote the 360. Way to mention how gears has had broken multiplayer for the last two games they released... I bet that is okay to overlook since you receive a microsoft paycheck. You really need to be banned.

Daver2518d ago

Ill stick with Resistance 3 and Dead Island for coop campaign

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RaidensRising2519d ago

With the right level design, co-op can work equally as well with a single player game layout. I do see where IW are coming from, but there are loads of moments where you're fighting with a squad and therefore it could work and still retain its cinematic edge.

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