The 13 Most Atmospheric Horror Games

Dead Pixels compiles a list of the thirteen most atmospheric horror games of all time, including games you might expect and some you might not.

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ATiElite2403d ago

well not really but they left off STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl therefore by default the list is crappy.

Sorry but STALKER not only redefined atmospheric in video games but pushed it to a new level.

The first time you encounter a Bloodsucker underground you will know what I'm talking about. Play the game with a quality set of headphones and 1080p and you will feel the eeriness of The Zone.

caboose322403d ago

Oh man, how I dreaded those damn things.

caseh2403d ago

Soon as I saw the title I was thinking 'System Shock 2, System Shock 2' and to my complete disbelief it was the first game in the list, i'm satisfied. :)

I_find_it_funny2403d ago

the only thing that STALKER pushed was the acceptable amount of bugs on release day

Pintheshadows2403d ago

Call of Prypiat is sick. You were right dude.

Iroquois_Pliskin2403d ago

Damn fatal frame 2 is by far the scariest so is Siren

Ducky2402d ago

Shadow-Of-Chernobyl probably should've replaced Shadows-Of-The-Damned.

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chidori6662403d ago

why you call this ofensive things in the internet?

calm down dude..

consolez_FTW2403d ago

I would personally replace Silent Hill 2 with Silent Hill 1. Since it came out before 2 and that game gave me a couple more nightmares than 2 did...

CrimsonEngage2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

I'm sorry but where is Run Like Hell? (PS2 game) And imo, Dead Space 1 > Dead Space 2

rumplstilts2402d ago

Run Like Hell, is the least scary game I've played in my entire life. I've felt more tension in the Haunted Houses in Mario then I did in that game. The enemies looked kinda cool though. (The main reason I bought it)

Pozzle2403d ago

I'm glad Fatal Frame 2 is on the list. Too many horror lists forget to include that series. If there's one series that needs to be revived, it's the Fatal Frame series.

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The story is too old to be commented.