Dragon Age 2 Pulled from Steam

Today signaled the arrival of the first piece of DLC for Dragon Age 2 and the removal of said title from Steam. Doing a quick browse on the Steam storefront mysteriously no longer lists BioWare’s fantasy RPG sequel. Uh-oh.

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ATiElite2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

Just EA pulling crap from Steam in an attempt to grab all the DLC cash without sharing with Steam. Steam has 30 million users which is like 10 times more than any other DD Store but EA insist on being dumb.

You don't see Apple only Exclusively selling their iphones and ipods at the Apple store do you? HELL NO they sell them babies every where they can.

This will all back fire on EA in the end....besides I'm still playing the Witcher 2 so who cares about Mass Dragon Age Effect 2: soon to be Modern Spell Warfare 3 with all the quick releases?

PirateThom2431d ago

The Apple analogy is a bit flawed. A better analogy is, you don't see Valve selling their games on other digital distribution platforms.

OMGitzThatGuy2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

The Valve analogy is a bit flawed. A better analogy for the better analogy is, you don't see Valve selling their games exclusively on Steam.

Edit: Totally flawed

PirateThom2431d ago

Neither do EA, pretty sure it's available at retail as well.

caboose322431d ago

Just when I was beginning to think that EA wasn't the most evil thing EVER, they go and do this.

Can't wait for this to all blow up in their face, and then blame piracy for the less then stellar sales on pc.

ATiElite2431d ago

Exactly!! Caboose32 is so right!

why remove your product from 30 million users who all love Steam. If EA makes a game that i'm on the fence about if it was on Steam i might buy it but since it's Origins, Hell no!

MAJ0R2431d ago

well looks like I'll never buy DA2 when it's on sale for like 75% off on steam in the future, your loss EA

BeAGamer2431d ago

EA back to its old, corrupt ways

PandaJenkins2431d ago

uhg crap this is certainly not going well.

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