Star Wars: The Old Republic Sells Better than Battlefield 3

According to the Electronic Arts President Frank Gibeau, SWTOR pre-orders are breaking records.

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ATiElite2427d ago

No surprise there since BF3 will not be on Steam many PC Gamers (like me and all my friends) are gonna buy retail copies. (yeh i know you can pre-order hard copies but why bother cause the stores are gonna be stuffed with BF3)

We all refuse to support and be an EA Origins download statistic. Also the Star Wars fanbase is ungodly huge and so ready for World of Warcraft in the Star Wars universe....LOL inside joke there.

P.S. $100 million+ to make better sell better than BF3!!

Bigpappy2427d ago

Are you in the sheep gang. I hear everyone in that gang has to do what the sheep leader does. If you are not in that gang, just pretend I didn't ask.

ATiElite2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

if your referencing the fact that I will not support Origins......i choose to NOT support Origins because I DO NOT trust EA like I do STEAM with my Digital purchases.

all 70+ of my Steam games are playable online even if Steam gets suck through a massive Portal and implodes without any extra fees, stupid game pass, or unforeseen crap.

I plan to only play BF3 on Origins for maybe 4 weeks before I'm off to a private server anyway.

Now if others feel the same way as i then so be it but I declare in full that I'm no sheep and i have MY OWN reasons for Not wanting any part of EA's Origins.

Bottom Line.....I'm a PC Gamer and i have a CHOICE to game how I wanna Game and I choose to Game without Origins!

So remember that the next time EA closes down another 10 MP servers.

chak_2427d ago

Well, trying to make EA like devil is childish.

I've installed origin, runs pretty good for a start. Much like steam infact, a little bit slower for friend search or adding keys, but nothing to get scared about.

Oh yeah, EA might get your mail & birthdate, holy hell.

Don't take valve for angels please.

DeadlyFire2427d ago

Its pre-STEAM folks scared to death of turning orange for touching this Origin service. Same BS folks were around before and at STEAM launch. They didn't burst into flames and after people were forced to use STEAM with Half-Life 2 people stuck with it after a few more titles and then the hate went away. Just give them time chak_ There is nothing you can say to make them realize its no different from Valve's STEAM service. OMG prices are different. Well I don't know about you, but when I visit Wal-mart then goto Gamestop I expect to find prices vary a little.

Game passes and things like that are for Pre-Owned games. Not a problem with Origin since its all locked in just like STEAM. So its not likely to be an Issue at all for PC version of Battlefield 3. Since each copy will be tied directly to your account.

EA doesn't close down dedicated player owned MP servers. Battlefield 2, 2142 both still live online I believe. Your fear of them closing down MP servers is unjustified for Battlefield 3 PC edition. Console edition yes its very likely.

evrfighter2427d ago

So I got 125 games on steam, about 3-4 on gfwl, another 3-4 on impulse, another 4 on d2d, a couple games on gog, and a couple games on ea download/origin.

Yet the only service I have installed is steam. Personal experience tells me using other dd platforms its just too much of a pain in the ass. I'll also be buying retail. And if retail forces me to install origin then do be it. I'll also not be a dd statistic.

HAF9122427d ago

I will be buying BF3... but retail, and probably after a price drop. Id get it new on steam b/c its just so easy. But im not going to run to the store to pay 60$ inflated price, when i have such a huge backlog to play.

Literally months worth...

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thebudgetgamer2427d ago

my only problem is you came off like the official pc gamer spokes person.

Solid_Snake-2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

@ATI....i agree with both your above statements. im trying to stay away from origins. lets hope that BF3 doesnt have some kinda originworxs like steam has steam works. i will be buying it on disk in hope i can just play off the disk not have to boot it through origins.

also i hope for the same when it comes to the old republic. BF3 and TOR are the games that made me buy another comp.

DeadlyFire2427d ago

Why does it matter if it has Origin works? What is so bad about that? Just another STEAM on your computer only its orange logo instead of steam one.

atticus142427d ago

derp, if you buy the game in general your supporting Origins, regardless if you buy it retail or not.

I dont like EA and their practices, general attitude and dont want to support them either but I really liked BFBC2 (bought it on steam for 6 bucks sometime last year) and it has totally won me over when i didnt even expect to play it that much....just bought it cause it was cheap and looking for something new to try with my friends.

But just be honest with yourself...once you buy the game in any form your supporting EA and their Origins client, it doesnt matter if you play on a private server or not, they already got your money...

I really hate the fact that EA has 2 of my most anticipated games haha SWTOR and BF3 :<

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Fayulah2427d ago

I can't believe that SWTOR pre-orders so good after five days. As it seems, there is finally a MMO game to be released that will become more popular then Blizzard's WoW.

MasterCornholio2427d ago

You know what i will hate the most. Is people bashing the game for not being like wow.

modesign2427d ago

if this game is going to have sub fees, then it has to be like WOW. this is a game that has to justify its price, its fees,and the time you put into it

smilydude132427d ago

You're going to see a lot more hate for the game being like wow.

agentxk2427d ago

Pre orders ultimately mean nothing. KOTR will make more money with it's sub fees though.

agentxk2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

It is difficult to compare sales cross genre anyways. Now if we were talking about BF3 v Gears or BF3 v MW3 there is more of an argument to be made.

I'd love to discuss more but I am out of bubs :/

Below: Yeah, it can't be taken away. How did it do compared to Gears in the first 5 days? That would be an interesting read. Trends can be awesome

Fayulah2427d ago

Well yea, same genre games should be compared but still swtor number of preorders in 5 days is amazing

a08andan2427d ago

The name is Star Wars: The Old Republic! No Knights there :P Otherwise I completely agree with you :)

Letros2427d ago

There's no hiding it's just KOTOR Online

DrRichtofen2427d ago

Why would I care about how much money a company makes? Its not like I work for them. I remember the days when people couldn't care less about comparing preorder numbers and only compared the games itself.

Ramas2427d ago

as much as i hate blizzard i doupt any mmo will beat whatever blizz will do.

Koelbox2427d ago

Why do people care so much about "beating" Blizzard... I don't care aslong as the game is good enough for me.

With that said I don't want to see a game beeing lifeless though with just 10k people playing.
But seeing the preorder count I don't think that will be the case wiht Swtor.

I just hope they deliver a finished product, unlike MANY other MMO's who went gold to early.

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