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Submitted by fathoms 1586d ago | opinion piece

"If You're Not A Fan Of Multiplayer, You're No Gamer"

If someone said this to you, how would you react? Would you be surprised? It seems multiplayer has gotten so huge that "true" gamers are forced to partake... (Culture)

EYEamNUMBER1  +   1586d ago
i would think whoever said that to me is not the true gamer

im not really a big fan of mulitplayer
90% of the time for me when i go online its either
A. retards who only mess/joke around and don't do anything seriously
B. retards who take everything too seriously 1 little screw up and they blow a fuse
rabidpancakeburglar  +   1586d ago
Exactly, this a stupid article. I would much rather sit down and spend 40 hours relaxing and playing a single player game than play online and get frustrated or bored within a couple of hours.
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consolez_FTW  +   1586d ago
Yeah man, I agree with you. I play BC2 online alot since that's basically the only online game I can actually tolerate.Though once Skyrim and Deus Ex get released, I'm glad to say goodbye for online for a while....a long while.
iamnsuperman  +   1586d ago
What I tend to do is play through the single player then go on line. For me on line is second and is a feature that adds longevity to the game but is not a necessity. Some of my favourite games do not have multi player (for example GOW3)and these titles I find (generalising a lot here) have the best single player experience. This is a reason why I care less about games like BF and COD. They are really not story oriented games and the story telling is generally weak. One major reason why instead of getting BF/COD I am going to get Uncharted 3
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darthv72  +   1585d ago
"true gamer"....
to me, that title implies someone who plays the good with the bad. online and offline. And doesnt give a ratz arse what others think.

Actually....back in my day that is what "hardcore" was all about. Playing anything and everything gaming related.

Times have changed and so has the perceived definition of 'core' gamer. Sad really that so many would think that you cant be considered 'core' if you enjoy simple games as well as complex ones.
EVILDEAD360  +   1586d ago
Actually the guy who criticized the author was right..

He asked him why would you be allowed to 'REVIEW' games if your not a gamer..

We all have preferences in how we game, but why would I trust a reviewer who simply has no idea how to review online game portions of games.

The author who says he played games for '27 years' literally believes if a game has a good single player then it has a good multiplayer as well. Clearly not how it works.

He then believes that you need two reviewers to review online and offline features of one game.LOL

Look this is where your reviewer gamer card really needs to be pulled. Simply play the single player campaign and review it on it's merits. Then go online and play and do the same. What's the rocket science behind that? It's exactly how every gammer will play their game. On or offline..but why wouldn't a 'veteran' gamer and reviewer know that?

It doeant mean this guy isn't a gamer..just if he's supposedly a reviewer, it sounds to me as a that he's a little out of touch with the gaming world as a whole.

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Hicken  +   1586d ago
Everything he said was supposition.

On the quality of multiplayer and singleplayer:
"the single-player and multiplayer elements of a game are often very different (although it stands to reason that if one is great, the other will be great, too)"

On two reviewers:
"I mean, we see entire development teams for big-budget projects dedicated to one or the other...might critics and game reviewing sources soon have to take a similar approach? I.e., one person to review the single-player and another to handle the multiplayer?"

And he starts off by saying he DOES play the multiplayer when necessary:
"Me: 'No, I do when I have to. Like for reviews. But no, very rarely do I do it for fun.'"

You completely twisted- or are just ignorant of- everything he said.
Inside_out  +   1585d ago
" Reviewer "...I don't think so...
Well said Evil...This Ben DUMBka clearly is a lost cause ( like Hick )and the fact that he claims to reviews games with the dehydrated walnut he has for a brain is another reason meta-critic is a mess.

" However, this got me thinking "... should of been thinking BEFORE you started typing all that nonsense and calling people who disagree with you " anonymous moron " and colossal douchebag. :/

" I admit, I find it difficult to give both the attention they deserve. There are only 24 hours in the day "...

It sound to me there is a custodian job waiting for you...they will give all the time you need. Leave the reviewing to someone who CARES.'s no surprise a hick like you would agree with a guy like this...

" although it stands to reason that if one is great, the other will be great "...O_o...

Hick, you seem to found your calling, Review games like Brian already have the " ignorant " part down. ;)
EVILDEAD360  +   1585d ago
@ Hicken

Just because you copy and past the SAME article onto your comments means absolutely nothing.

You simply just reproved everything I said

Whose twisting words? I'll copy and paste just like you did.

the guys aked '" you don't EVER play multiplayer?"

But what made him say it? The author suspiciously omits this part of the conversation. If someone asks you this it's because you probably said somnething to the extent that you NEVER play games online.

the author responds 'No, I do when I have to. Like for reviews. But no, very rarely do I do it for fun."

The guy THEN responds '"...who the hell even lets you REVIEW games if you're not a gamer?"

So please show us anywhere did the guy say 'If You're Not A Fan Of Multiplayer, You're No Gamer'

See that's the title of the article and THAT is twisting words.

I called it like I saw it. The point the guy (who was called a moron) made was that if your not an avid gamer, then he's far from a credible reviewer for those types of games. Which is a fair criticism.

Ask any gamer, would they want the guy who knows the insides and out of the biggest multiplayer titles. I gamer that spends hours leveling to Prestige, or to the higher levels of Halo, Gears, Killzone, or Uncharted. Knows load outs, weapon types, the hottest maps,own DLC etc.

Or do I want a guy who NEVER plays online in his free time. Does it when forced to say something about the multiplayer in a review.which means he gains a few levels and say..umm the single player is it stands to reason that the multiplayer is good as well..LOL

The reviewers credibility would be thrown out of the window if people knew that those were his gaming habits.

On the second point, he called the guy a moron, but name a credible gamer who would surmise that because a game has two teams and a huge budget, that maybe we need to ask' might critics and game reviewing sources soon have to take a similar approach? I.e., one person to review the single-player and another to handle the multiplayer?"

Again..HIS words. I repeat, it doesn't matter how many people work on ANY game out there. As a gamer you simply play it and as a reviewer you simply review it on it's merit whether online or off. If you can't do that then as the guy simly said..'who would let you be a reviewer'?

But to answer the 'fake' artcle headline. No it doesn't make you any less of a gamer if you only like the campaigns. It's YOUR money and YOUR game, nobody forces you to play anything and it doesn't alter your 'gamer card' in anyway. Your preference is your preference.

Just keep this guy away from Battlefield 3, MW3, Gears of War 3, Uncharted 3 if you want a FULL review of the game as a whole.

Just my take

RedDead  +   1586d ago
I like good games. Doesn't matter what genre, multi or single player etc....if a game is good I will like it. RPG's seem to be good with me more than others, however MGS is probably my favorite series.

Completely off topic here haha

Some of my best experience this gen was Gears 1 online and Cod4 online, playing with your friends is a different expierence to playing a single payer story game. Love both anyway
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KingSlayer  +   1586d ago
Both can co-exist. Christ it's frustrating when people feel the need to draw a line in the sand. Like MP more than SP? "You're not a gamer!". Like the 360 and XBL more that the PS3 and PSN (or vice-versa)? "Troll!". Everyone has the right to their opinion, so here's mine: Let's stop being douchebags to each other. There's more fun to be had.
gypsygib  +   1586d ago
I like MP, but it gets boring after half an hour. I can play SP all day....literally.
bwazy  +   1586d ago
I was a real gamer before multiplayer existed. F this Shiz
thebudgetgamer  +   1586d ago
ill take a great single player game over a great mp game seven times out of ten. and if you don't like that you can take a long walk off a short pier.

sorry for being harsh.
Venox2008  +   1586d ago
i would say that to think like this is dumb..sorry but i play single player games, with story, twists, cut scenes and ending
Septic  +   1586d ago
I completely disagree
Single player is a huge element in gaming. By following such a flawed logic as above, real gamers can't play Mass Effect, Bioshock, MGS' campaign etc.

I do admit though, single player gaming is a bit like masturbatation at times.
Pozzle  +   1586d ago
Here I was, thinking that a person who played games was a "gamer". Silly me.

Seriously, who the hell comes up with this sort of crap? If someone sticks to single play, they're as much of a gamer as someone who plays multiplayer. Why are there people who go out of their way to decide who they think is and isn't a gamer? And who frigging cares?
newleaf  +   1586d ago
If you're reading this article, you're helping a hit-seeking site make money
Hicken  +   1585d ago
If you didn't read it, you're making ignorant comments.
TheColbertinator  +   1586d ago
When I was growing up with the first consoles all games were single player.I was raised a gamer since I was 3 and I don't need some new 12 year old playing online to tell me I am not a gamer.

I'm a huge fan of Valkyria Chronicles,Fallout New Vegas,Mirrors Edge,The Witcher 2 and Catherine so I don't need multiplayer games.If I only had single player games I would still enjoy gaming with the same passion I had when I was a kid.
Pillville  +   1586d ago
How stupid.
I guess gaming didn't really start until this generation.

and I guess since only 50% of xbox owners have Live Gold accounts, the other 50% of xbox owners aren't gamers.
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Batista2020   1586d ago | Spam
blackburn10  +   1585d ago
I have been playing SP player games for years long before the MP craze started. I am more of a true gamer then most modern gamers claim to be. People who think they are true gamers because they play cheaply, hide in corners and camp in MP games couldn't play the type of SP I used to play.Please. Your so called 'skills' are nothing.

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