EA's Riccitiello: Traditional Console Dev Cycle Is 'Gone Forever'

The traditional 4-to-5-year console cycle that gave game developers ample time to prepare for technology changes is "gone forever" says EA CEO John Riccitiello, whose company has been reinventing itself for the digital age.

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dangert122576d ago

I personally believe this is a good thing.

Though I think they should use the digital age to there advantage.Like burnoute where it shows you what the dlc is. or they could update the game with abit of thes sequal let you play some of it then you have to pay the price of the game for the rest

DeadlyFire2576d ago

EA is just saying Enjoy more downloadable content. Nothing new and nothing cool from this.

Origin will provide it. Has nothing to do with console eras.

Dlacy13g2576d ago

Yes EA.... Dragon Age 2 is a clear indication of how you see the new dev cycle should be.... 18 months is all we need to sell 2 million+ copies of rushed crap.

Inside_out2576d ago

How long before these guys come up with there own console...they are well on there way. The only problem is M$, Sony and Niny have 200 million consoles out there...O_o

The on line deal is a lot easier to implement and I expect all the big pubs to create their own on line ecosystem like Steam and now origin...cut out the middle man and hog all the profits. Next up Activision, then Ubi and THQ.

I hope Activision out bids EA on the sport licences the next time they come sweet would that be.

rustyspoon802576d ago

"I hope Activision out bids EA on the sport licences the next time they come sweet would that be."

And you think the franchises are milked now. If Acti got hold of them, there'd be all sorts of extra charges.

Voxelman2576d ago

Why would EA invest in a console, it would be like throwing money on a fire. Modern consoles take billions of $$$ to launch and don't turn profits for years even with tonnes of third party licencing.

EA is a forward looking company which is why they are investing in growth markets like mobile, social and DD. And the next thing will be cloud gaming, consoles are in decline and are unlikely to be a major factor in gaming in 10-15 years.

BrutallyBlunt2576d ago

It doesn't make any sense for EA to create a console. It takes huge chunks of cash and not only that you have now limited your userbase. The days of the Playstation 2 are over where you have one console dominating the market and every 3rd party publisher like EA creates exclusive content for it. The market has changed and EA knows this.

I personally think Origin will fall flat because of Steams history with fans. However EA will use their own games as leverage like they did against Sega and the Dreamcast. This won't affect console owners this time. EA is now battling those who provide a service such as Steam because that is where the real battlefield is now. Apple has done very well with their own ecosystem and EA hopes to capitalize of that with Origin.

These online passes are also a way to identify who these companies are. EA has been doing this for awhile now so each time you log on or use an online pass the name EA is there. It's also why EA made a deal with Microsoft and XBOX Live to be able to run their own servers alongside the XBOX Live servers.

Thankfully we still have options. I see sales all the time on Steam but Origin not so much. However there are far more players from Apple to Sony to Microsoft to Nintendo and to Android. It will come down to who provides the best service and the best value. The hardware itself will be less and less important as time goes by.

DeadlyFire2576d ago

Why Activision. They don't seem to care about sports. Just Take Two on the other hand is making sports games.

qwertyz2576d ago

the guy has a demented smile lol

ddkshah2576d ago

You think that's demented?

Now I can't go to sleep :/ iiittss tttooo scaarrry :...(

dangert122576d ago

They both look incredible evil to be honest

OMGitzThatGuy2576d ago

Not for PC devs and Valve.

Redgehammer2576d ago

agreed, especially the Valve part.

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