CVG- Yakuza: Of the End Review

Of The End is the latest bizarre entry in Sega's epic crime drama that's brought Japan's underworld to life in seedy shades of sex, violence and humour. But this time, it's also a zombie game - one where gang members must save Japan from an undead onslaught.

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2406d ago
disturbing_flame2406d ago

Can't wait.
Great licence, better than a lot of those shooters releasing on consoles.

Great depth, true storytelling with good variations in narration.

Great gameplay, with a range that no games can compete with = mini-games, customization, and RPG flavor with evolution of our fighter.

This game is more an RPG than Final fantasy XIII and is also one of the best beat them all ever.

I think it deserves better score just because it proposes so much variety, and has a lenght that goes far beyond the 30h wise.

A pure gem.

dangert122405d ago

I agree...though your statemate about better then most shooters i lol'd at because 7/10 shooters on consoles are shit lol

tiffac2405d ago

Too bad Sega doesn't release any Yakuza spin-off outside of Japan. I would have loved to play this game in English ^^