Is the PS Vita missing its chance to beat the 3DS?

MMGN: The PlayStation Vita would have a massive advantage if it were released tomorrow. There’s no way its software line-up could be worse than the 3DS, just one decent original title would make it the clear winner, and at US $250, the 3DS loses everything it has going for it.

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Abash2525d ago

The games and online features have to be ready for launch, they can't rush it out

mandf2524d ago

online gaming on the go with dual analog sticks is what is going to make me buy Vita day one. I will eventually get a 3ds when the line up gets stronger. ( nothing wrong with the line up it's just to early in its life cycle)

StarWolf2524d ago

lol there is no online gaming on the go. what, you people really think 3G is gonna play online games? maybe leaderboards or something .

saoco2524d ago

there are many hot spots on cities and public places now a days, hell even mcdonals and starbuks have them all for free. so you can game on the go.

nycredude2524d ago


LOL Where do you live in the amazon? Wifi is everywhere!

a_bro2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

Massive Advantage? the launch games are not done yet. hold your horses....

Agent_hitman2524d ago

I completely agree, without thinking

Inside_out2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

They just want the uninformed to buy the PSP 3000 over the holidays and make some easy money off the suckers, while depleting the PSP stock and then drop the bomb on their heads with the PS Vita in January...O_o

There will be a lot on unhappy people out there when they realize they could of bought a PS Vita and got stuck with a PSP 3000 instead. :/

It's business but it's low down dirty trick none the less.

news4geeks2524d ago

lol... it's not like sony are hiding the fact that vita is coming out. There's no trick.

Tachyon_Nova2524d ago

The thing is, people still by PS2's, you cant say that is because of a dirty Sony trick. Sony have been advertising or at least showing off PS Vita already, if people don't know about it and then go and lay down money on a PSP300 when they would have rathered a PSV who's fault is that?

n4f2523d ago

cause sony is selling them and also there is no ps2 on ps3(even if they could have put it on the ps3)so it is a dirty trick

Inception2524d ago

Even when they did bought PSP3000, it still worth every penny of it. Why? Not every PSP games are released on PSN (KH BBS / Crisis Core for example). Andddd, Vita doesnt have an UMD slot. So until SE or other company decided to released it for PSN, they still need a PSP (not PSPGo) for playing UMD games.

Venox20082524d ago

oh man, put that vita in your a** ...first wait when it 'll be released,then argue....people these days...i'm sick about those stupid articles about that...sorry for exploded feelings...

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The story is too old to be commented.