Assassin's Creed Game Informer Review - 9.5

If only to experience the unique world and amazing movement and combat, gamers owe it to themselves to try Ubisoft's big holiday release. Its stunning visual style, high concept story, and wildly open level design are like nothing else, even if too much repetition begins to frustrate in the later hours. It's a game people will still be talking about five years from now. Come to think of it, they may have a lot more to talk about by then.

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MK_Red4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

Holy Moly ZOMG! Superb awesome find. Seriously. Superb review. GameInformer FTW! Assassins FTW!
An open world / sandbox game that innovates and has superb graphics and production values. A true masterpiece.

The game is longer than 10 hours and it's replay value is "REPLAY: High" and it has no multi! Wow, my definit 2007 GOTY, At least based on this:
"a title that innovates in so many areas it helps to set a new bar in various aspects of gameplay, storytelling, visuals, and controls. "

Now this is a true next-gen game. Innovative, awesome and fun.

ThaGeNeCySt4054d ago

This is exactly how I feel right now... I fell in love with this game and was jealous of PS3 owners when i first learned of Project Assassin... then it became multiplatform and I was excited... then previews and the E3 mishap made me lose almost all interest in the game... but now after this review... my interest has SKYROCKETED

MK_Red4054d ago

It's more than great that all PC, PS3 and 360 gamers can enjoy this masterpiece :)

The special thing for me is that GameInformer is my fave review source and I believe in their reviews and scores more than all other source combined. I absolutly wasn't expecting their review so soon. Thought it's another Halo 3 / COD4 case that reviewers have to hold onto their articles and publish them just when the game comes out.

Kudos to Ubisoft, Game Informer, Jade Raymond and her excellent and talented team.

jcgamer4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

Thanks bro...your enthusiasm for Assassin's Creed got me more interested in this game, serious...and I trust Game Informer...what they say goes for me...I'll most definitely buy and play Assassin's...but when will my wallet allow me? lol...2007 is an awesome time to be a gamer...*wipes tears from eyes* on MK!

"It's a game people will still be talking about five years from now." -Game Informer

MK_Red4054d ago

Thanks my friend. I know, I already have wallet problems as well but 2007 is certainly an awesome time to be a gamer. Game on!

""It's a game people will still be talking about five years from now." -Game Informer"
Superb one. Kudos to jcgamer and GameInformer :)

okcomputer4054d ago

Definate goty based on one review? Umm how about playing the game first.

MK_Red4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

AC was my most anticipated game of 2007 and what I saw in GDC and even E3 was more than enough to convince me that this is a masterpiece. The reason I said GOTY based on 1 review is that all my review need to decide about a game is Game Informer. The only source I trust with reviews and when they say it's a superb game I believe them. I don't care what GameSpot, IGN, 1UP and rest of the pact say in near future. They all have more than one dark point in their histories.

And one review from Game Informer is worth more than reviews of GameSpot, IGN, 1UP, GT, GPro and EGM combined so... yes based on this review, Assassins should be GOTY! (God I love this game...)

Skerj4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

Might go down being my GOTY alongside Persona 3, but that's just how I play. Next Wednesday can't come soon enough!!

Violater4054d ago

"even if too much repetition begins to frustrate in the later hours"

Vertius4054d ago

We did read that, Violater, and other than that sentence, and references to it later on, the review was glowing. The score speaks for it, of course.

khrisnifer4054d ago

Bring on 'Prototype' for 2008!

socomnick4053d ago

mk red you think every game is a masterpiece lol

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Skerj4054d ago

Fears offically alleviated, paying it off tomorrow and I will be picking it up next week. Now my holidays will REALLY begin.

lynx1halo4054d ago


predator4054d ago

god damit have to wait till crimbo cos my missis wants to get me it for crimbo.