Battlefield 3 Actual Pre-order Results

According to EA's Eric Brown, Battlefield 3 has achieved ten times more pre-orders then Battlefield Bad Company 2.

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ATiElite2462d ago

"9 million units of Battlefield Bad Company 2 were sold to date"

PC = 3.73 Million
Xbox 360 = 2.96 Million
PS3 = 2.31 Million

Although BC2 is a console series that PC Gamers were lucky to have, the PC version was flat out awesome and really provided the much needed update from the then 5 year old BF2.

Tachyon_Nova2462d ago

I assume you made those numbers up as I have not found them anywhere? I'm pretty sure that EA are including iOS/Android sales in their 9 million sold figure. At the end of march 2011 they said it had shipped 7 million copies after reaching 5 million during mid May 2010. So in 9 months it sold 7 million copies on PC, Xbox360 and PS3 combined with only 2 million in the last 10 months. Does anybody in their right mind think that it is then going to sell another 2 million on only those platforms over the next 3 months, a 300% increase in sales per month?

peowpeow2462d ago

Not unless that many people saw the steam sales :D

ATiElite2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

@ Tachyon_Nova
use Google my friend and search really hard and you will find that EA and DICE both have said that BFBC2 PC sold more than either console version.

and NO i'm not providing you a link....I found it so you should be able to.

10 months 2 million plus more sales...Hmmm didn't a huge expansion Pak come out....Oh wait 10 months ago which would help increase sales..Oh WOW!

That's the power of Steam....enough said!!

lMHl2462d ago

thats alot Im going to pre-order it alot closer to the release date

Wenis2462d ago

I never bother preordering, as I've never went out to buy a game on day one just to find it sold out, so there is no need to preorder

metsgaming2462d ago

Well im sure BFBC2 was many peoples first battlefield game and it sure wont be the last.

Inside_out2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

Selling along side the peoples champ MW3 seems to be paying off...FOR can't wait for the beta...the truth will come out.

Wait till you here gamestop announce it is no longer excepting trades for Battlefield 3 as the hardcore race to trade it in for MW3 in will be and see.

SixZeroFour2462d ago

im honestly gunna laugh at the ppl trading bf3 in for dont get my post wrong, i dont mean they should choose one or the fact, i applaud ppl that would BUY both. im specifically talking about the ppl that would TRADE in the game for mw3, those are the ppl i would honestly laugh at

and "peoples champ MW3"? LMAO! nuff said

Hicken2462d ago

Do you really believe the nonsense you speak?

A competitor selling "along side the peoples champ" would not pay off. When you have two competing products and one is far better known, the one that's far better known will sell far better. That's common sense.

You won't "here" Gamestop announcing anything of the sort, because you can't "here" anything.

And given that people are gonna have a month to get into and used to BF3 before MW3 drops, you're likely to see a lot of those pre-orders get rolled over to something else. (Psst: that means they'll take that five bucks and use it to reserve another game instead of wasting time on MW3, because they'll have found that they're having more fun on BF3.)