New Rise of Nightmares screenshots

SEGA released a bunch of new screenshots of Rise of Nightmares.

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kingdoms2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

No one asked you. Why so hostile? Pa3 fanboy perhaps? The article is showing screenshots not a review, preview or links to places for pre orders. Jackass

Mad this is a mature hardcore game made exclusive by a respected Japanese dev ashamed all your hard work painting kinect as casual only will all be for nothing.

TBM2550d ago

idk someone shouldnt be talking about someone else being a fanboy with one bubble.

what i find funny is how all these people are defending kinect when there's nothing on it that is remotely good expect Child of Eden which no one seems to want to support. i mean its a game made with kinect in mind and it hasnt even hit the 100k mark yet, and if it did it just barely made it.

all these kinect defenders seem to support the shovelware crap thats come out for it. if these so called core games come out for kinect and not one of the garners good reviews i hope you cultist finally admit the camera is worthless.

L6RD7BLU32550d ago

look like Condemned with no controller.