New Video Shows Battlefield 3 Alpha Animations and C4 Destruction

A brand new video has been released on YouTube by user UsamaFTW who was able to get into the Battlefield 3 alpha beta. He has released a new video shows of a lot of new animations and also some C4 destruction.


Updated The Video On the Site. Click The Link To Check It Out Or Watch It Here :

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iamnsuperman2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

The sprinting animation looks really weird

2402d ago
-Alpha2402d ago

I think he actually looks like he is sprinting, the detail in this game is superb

2402d ago
red2tango2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

the sprinting is dead on.

trancefreak2402d ago

Man he run fast. Good lulz video

Madusha2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Still in pre-Alpha, remember? The sprinting is probs not gonna get too much better but they sure will refine it a tad more. It looks bloody amazing! The destruction <3

Lol loved the blooper at the end haha :D

SpaceFox2402d ago

Its not pre-Alpha, it's Alpha.

morganfell2401d ago

It is neither.

A Beta means all main features are in the game. Also the general Beta schedule for companies is a title will enter Beta 6 months from Gold Standard.

Take the ship date, back off 3 weeks for reproduction, packaging, and shipping. Now back off 3 weeks for MS and Sony to run their internal QA. Now back off 6 months. See where we are? This is a Beta. Companies love to lie about these things and call them Alphas because it generates the perception that the game will improve more than one thinks.

I believe B3 will be remarkable. I play BFBC2 online to this day and it's great. But what has been leaking out is a Beta.

DoomeDx2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

He has SprintBoost Specialation on (aka Perks if the CoD players do not understand what Specialitation is) So it looks like the animation is kinda 'off' because his speed is faster then the animation itself.

Without SprintBoost, it looks normal

How do i know? Im one of the lucky ones who got in the alpha trial!

chriski3332402d ago

just awesome im gonna be blowing shit up day 1 ps3

ATiElite2402d ago

Battlefield 3 PC, Game of the Year!!

I'm watching the Alpha footage and i'm drooling all over my keyboard.....this game is just flat out superior to everything ever made ever.

Graphics, animation, scale, destruction, lighting, game play, realism, etc.

and you know what's so crazy? we have yet to see what makes BF so special which is 32 vs. 32 with tanks, jets, Hellis, and LAV's all on one map in all out warfare.

October 25th......Can't wait!!

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allyc4t2402d ago

The destruction in this game is soooooo good.

Pandamobile2402d ago ShowReplies(7)
Ser2402d ago

2:57 just owned my FACE. Hello, Frostbite 2, you beautiful baby.

neonlight452402d ago

I'm about to get that limited edition.

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