How Call of Duty Changed Multiplayer

CheatCC - All first-person shooters are the same, right? I mean, every modern FPS out there is little more than a Call of Duty clone. And really, Call of Duty was just a Medal of Honor clone, Medal of Honor was just a GoldenEye clone, GoldenEye was just a Quake clone, and Quake was just a Doom clone. To top it off, Doom was just a Wolfenstein 3D clone.

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Dart892577d ago

Making kids think their good at shooting games :D.

Septic2577d ago

It's like the Burnout games for Fps'. That what it did- glamorised the arcade element and arguably diluted any real substance (or skill) requirement.

It's only a fad though. Hopefully Battlefield will change all this and put it in its place. Time will tell.