Is Rockstar Making The Wrong Game?

Will GTA V be any better than GTA IV and if it's just as bad should Rockstar be focusing their efforts on something better?

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silencedwriter2491d ago

WE WANT MORE GTA!!!!!!!!!!!!

MrBeatdown2491d ago

I'll take more GTA, but with RDR's improvements.

Then more RDR.

Fez2491d ago

RDR was ok, by the end of the game I was sick to death of riding a horse for 5 to 10 minutes at a time with absolutely nothing happening. Good missions and characters though.

A new GTA with less annoying physics i.e. not taking an eternity to get up, a better main character, a new location, and the ability to purchase businesses and safehouses like Vice City would be very welcome to me.

r1sh122491d ago

who ever wrote this article should go back to school...
"in the way GTA games where written then we would just"
The WHERE should be were.

GTA IV story was lacking and there wasnt as much to do as other GTA's in terms of side missions and random things, but dont forget this was the first multiplayer GTA which is why the story was lacking. At the time rockstar wanted to introduce multiplayer which was a great move. The multiplayer was solid, if you look at RDR they have learned to make better use of the discs. Cut scenes and ideas were cut out from GTA IV due to lack of space, but they will rectify that.

GTA IV still 1 of the top 10 played games on XBL.

tee_bag2422491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Sorry but GTA IV wasn't lacking in story as a result of multiplayer. That's not it.

ReservoirDog3162491d ago

Just about everything from R* is great. And I completely disagree with the article; I loved GTA IV.

R* took a more serious turn this gen. From GTA IV to RDR and LA Noire, they're not the same wacky R* from the PS2 days. I personally love this new direction. If you want crazy fun, it's called Saints Row. If you want serious and intelligent games, look to R* from now on.

I mean, you know they'll never go back to that style after they said all the characters they liked from the PS2 games were not coming back cause they were probably dead somewhere. The CJ and Tommy Vercetti days are behind them. The new games are attempts at making the wrong game.

Cal6642490d ago

I don't disagree that R* growing up is a good thing, in fact the opposite. But GTA IV trying to make the series more mature is no excuse for a poor story and it wasn't really any more mature if anything it was the most immature they have put out for this generation. A game doesn't have to be all about fun to be fun.

ReservoirDog3162490d ago

@ Cal

GTA IV had some of the best writing in any game, movie or book I've ever seen. Was about how a horrible past constantly bleeds over into your new attempt at a better life.

It was more about the characters than pure story but even then you can't say it was a poor story that wasn't mature. Just look at the last parts of the story.

Spoilers by the way.

Was either Roman or Kate who pay for your decisions in the game. Whether you learn to forgive the things others did to you or if you seek revenge, others pay for your choices. I mean, one of the most memorable scenes this gen is when Roman dies at his wedding and Niko snaps.

Admittedly, it is a slow burn for most people who are used to regenerating health and constant explosions but that doesn't make it not fun.

agentxk2491d ago

I liked GTA IV but I 100%ed it before trophies. Traded the game in when they launched

iMaccaPro2491d ago

GTA?? biggest joke ever! Bully definitely deserves a second game instead of the same old hijacking cars, gunning down a few cops, sleeping with whores and blowing the crap out of everything when you really can't be bothered with the game any more is just getting old. Bully ftw!

LOGICWINS2491d ago

COMPLETELY agree. I had a MUCH better experience with Bully than GTA4. I feel crazy for selling it.

silencedwriter2491d ago

Bully was pretty bad ass though.

metsgaming2491d ago

Rockstar needs to go back to how the old gta's were, where it was just pure crazy fun. Where you can have fun messing around not doing missions. Where the controls are good and it easy to pick up. Then they shrunk the map, removed planes, they removed all the fun out of gta and left a shell. Take a look at Saints Row 3 thats what i expect out of gta but its not like that anymore and they need to get back to do stuff like that.

thebudgetgamer2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

i think they made a step back in the right direction with tbogt.

also rampage missions would be nice.

Cpt_kitten2491d ago

yeah there working on GTA5 when they showed the can make as well as allow the publishing of really good games, they don't need scum of earth game to make money

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