Kung-Fu Live comes to Kinect as 'Kung Fu High Impact'

Joystiq writes: It always seemed kind of weird that Virtual Air Guitar Company's Kung-Fu Live, a game about performing real punches and kicks in front of a camera to control an on-screen representation of yourself, wasn't a Kinect game, going instead to PSN with PlayStation Eye support.

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edwineverready2549d ago

It was a fun game and i think it will work fine with kinect.

Dir_en_grey2548d ago

People with Kinect, this is a must buy.
Must buy for people w/ PSEye also, this game is really amazing.
I hope Virtual Air Guitar Company will release this or a sequal on PS3 also.

Bigpappy2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

Is this a port? I don't want to play a 2D game with Kinect. But if it is cheap enough, I would see if what my PS3 friends have been raving about is even worth a few coin. Anyone has some footage of the 360 version?

Read that the title is coming to both PS3 and 360 for $40. I think that is to high if it is anything like the original.

newn4gguy2549d ago

I don't care WHAT you don't want to play. Play the freakin' game! It's awesome!

Bigpappy2549d ago

I don't care that you don't care WHAT I don't want to play. But I didn't click you little "Disagree" button.

Just send me the $40 and I will play the game and try to enjoy it.

newn4gguy2548d ago

Haha. No way, man!

Why did we get disagrees though? :/ I didn't disagree with you.

Darth Stewie2549d ago

Another exclusive now multiplat.

devilhunterx2549d ago

Thats great news for a console which has no exclusives :)

kingdoms2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

There are exclusives just not a ton of mediocre fluffware that mostly flops :)

Hope they make this game right on more advanced technology.

Godmars2902549d ago

A $10 - $15? - exclusive playable on a $30 game console's camera alone will soon be available on another game console's camera. Only that one is $150.

Wizziokid2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

"There are exclusives just not a ton of mediocre fluffware that mostly flops :)

Hope they make this game right on more advanced technology."

what a silly, silly fanboy

testerg352549d ago

I hope it takes advantage of Kinect and not have to play sidewards while you face the camera.

Machioto2549d ago

The game is a 2d platformer even with 3d implementation certain actions would be weird to pull off.

Close_Second2549d ago

It was fun but gltchy. Felt like a beta to be honest. Wondering if the Kinect will allow for a better experience. Should be interesting.

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