Madden NFL 12 Demo Details

The Packers visit the Bears in the Madden NFL 12 demo due out on August 9th.

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Bigpappy2464d ago

No need to read. Its NFL 11 with a fresh coat of paint. Enjoy filks!

ATiElite2464d ago

I wonder are they gonna add a Collective Bargaining Agreement Mode so you can negotiate an end to a lock out?

other than that yeh what Bigpappy said!

LoveMyKids2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

no its not thats like saying its gears 1 with a fresh coat of paint. Madden is the best football game ever you geeks.

Tony-Red-Grave2464d ago

wheres your /s? because i know that wasn't serious.

and calling people geeks really? thats an insult now a days? so you're calling me a geek therefore i must be smarter then you therefore i can call you a moron and you'd have to take it.

i won't judge this years madden yet though, even if i have a very good reason to dislike it that being every year a new madden comes out, i'll actually take the time to try the demo and form an opinion.

SKUD2464d ago


NoobJobz2464d ago

No it's not like saying that at all. People only say it about Madden because it comes out every year and there aren't major differences between each version. Why do Madden 05 and NFL 2k5 have more features than today's football games? It's weak.

ATiElite2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

Ha don't make me laugh....

NFL 2K series says hello!!

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