The Art of T-Bagging: MvC3

TQ Author writes: Also known as corpse-humping, tea-bagging is a slang term in video games when after a player has slain another player or NPC, they move their character over the dead character’s body and crouch up and down repeatedly, adding a humiliating, and often humorous, factor to the character’s death. Today, we analyze Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

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rattlesnake252522d ago

lmao. me and friends use t-baggin when we play halo. funny stuff man. keep em coming!

Ares842521d ago

I think it's incredibly rude and childish.

Urrakia342521d ago

People like you that are easily offended by such a trivial act in a video game are what makes t-bagging so hilarious.

Ares842521d ago

And people like you that I feel sorry for.

Solid_Snake-2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

im a 1 bagger. when i killed my enemy and think i can get away with a t-bagging ill run to them then do a 1 bagger then leg it. hopefully just in time so they can see me do it lol.

id like to call it "stealth bagging". its just a simple dip,no showing off just "dip 'n' run". it doesnt take much practice so its easy for all ages to master....PM me for a full tutorial.

games are fun and what ever tickles your fancie is my philosophy.