Video: Check out the new PS3 firmware

News that firmware version 2.0 of PlayStation 3's software will be available for download tomorrow is currently the hottest topic of conversation on many a gaming forum, including Games Radar's. However, if you can't wait for another 24 hours to see what it looks like, you can hit play on the video below for a sneak peek.

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C_SoL3688d ago

i still want in-game XMB though. i know it's coming. just...not now.

LSDARBY3688d ago

gamesradars vids never work for me

nurayi3688d ago

great update for fashion designers and home decorators!

but us gamers are screwed again.

d3l33t3688d ago

looks clean. I want more messaging features (IN GAME one of them)

Baba19063688d ago

yay organize movies need that. =D hate to have them all in one place.

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The story is too old to be commented.