Rumour: Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D to be delayed

The 3DS doesn’t seem to be having any luck in it’s first quarter of it’s life-span. Already several 3DS titles have been delayed until 2012 and now one of the biggest anticipated titles may also be joining them.

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Optical_Matrix2547d ago

Well I wouldn't be surprised. Why it's set to be released within a week of MGS HD Collection is beyond me

SilentNegotiator2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

And why launch it alone when you could make a subsistence version on Vita to launch along side it? Oh yeah...for obvious reasons; MGS fans wouldn't buy a 3DS.

Darth Stewie2547d ago

Big blow for the 3DS if true because this is one of the 3DS big third party titles this year.

eferreira2547d ago

Still waiting to blow the dust off my 3ds. Zelda lost its magic quickly for me. cmon mario 3ds

zinkabassy2547d ago

MGS4, because it was really a fan service on so many levels, (but snake did not have MGS2 intro music on his I-pod :),.. almost killed the game ,.. lololo)

Between MGS3 and MGS2 For me personally MGS2 (maybe because I played Snake Eater Subsistence and it just was not designed to play in free cam, camouflage shifting and eating was a bit dodgy or redundant )
-Great gameplay mechanics
-Best intro music ever (ok they stole it. but still)
-Raiden naked

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The story is too old to be commented.