Remembering the Panasonic Q

Daniele M. of writes, "Without a doubt the Panasonic Q is clearly the most interesting concept in regards to Nintendo hardware. The Q was manufactured by Panasonic in cooperation with Nintendo. The system became officially available in Japan and only Japan back in 2001. The exterior of the system looked something you would expect from the seventh/eight generation era, stunningly well designed to attract attention, to which it did. The front panel mini LCD screen with a backlight, blue neon glow and on controller sockets all looked very sleekly presented. Upon booting the system up you are greeted with a 'HELLO' followed by a 'GOODBYE' just before system powers down on the LCD display, all very charming."

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Moduserous2581d ago

The Panasonic what now...?

fatstarr2581d ago

one of the coolest things nintendo ever let slide.

basically gamecube 2.0

LE-FISH2581d ago

Tis a great creation :P I still want one xD

RoboSpiff2581d ago

I always wanted this thing.

Shield2581d ago

I had one it was sweet, it even played US and Japanese games. I ended up selling it to a guy at Gamestop a couple years ago.

fatstarr2581d ago

Wtf... you sold it to gamestop. the soulless gamestop that buys games for 4$....

it sells for more than the ps3 now

Shield2580d ago

I sold to a Gamestop employee it was a private deal, I didn't sell it to Gamestop. I got a few hundred for it, I'm not a fool!

walken72581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

Bet these go for a pretty penny now.
edit* yep, just checked ebay, 400-500

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