The Life and Death of the Light Gun

The light gun is something many gamers miss dearly. Its time has come and gone and in its place we now have the likes of Playstation Move, Wii Motes and Kinect. But all of these lack a certain something. It’s hard to put a finger on it, but the modern day equivalents to the light gun seem to be missing the charm and feel of a true light gun.

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CrescentFang2496d ago

"House of the Living Dead 2" lol probably meant House of the Dead 2
Anyways I was sad to find out when I tried to play House of the Dead 2 (DC) with my light gun, but it did not work on my LCD TV :(

Bathyj2496d ago

I miss standing in the arcade playing Virtua Cop 2 with a gun in each hand.

One Firing, one reloading in perfect sync with a crowd of kids gawking like I was playing Beethoven's 5th on piano.

Of course, while that is awesome, playing a real FPS (Killzone) with the sharpshooter is amazing as well. The thing just needs to be supported more.

Come on Resistance.

ian722496d ago

I have the Gun-con 3 that I got with Time Crisis 4. I am hoping more games will have the ability to use it like the new Time Crisis:Razing Storm did. The new House of the dead thats coming would be a good game to use the gun-con3 with, but its a different developer and publisher to Time Crisis, so I don't think it will be.

DanSolo2496d ago

Light guns were much better than using Move or Wiimote for that type of game...

I have MOVE and it is a great piece of kit (although still lacking in quality games), but it is just not good as a lightgun as the calibration goes out quickly and it is inaccurate.

I like my lightguns to be pin point accurate.... so if I miss, it's cos I wasn't aiming well enough, and if I shoot someone dead center of the forehead it is because I am a great shot.

RyanDJ2496d ago

I am suprised an article titled like this doesn't go into the HD dilemma. Current tech of "light" guns require old school TVs with the color bars to function, and any other controls are more gesticulation than aiming, such as Wii or Move. They can't tell how big your TV is. There needs to be a better calibration, like I saw on Twilight Princess, which at least recommended the best distance to be from your TV for aiming to work.