HBG: Video Game Bucket List: Enslaved Odyssey to the West

Ranjan of HBG writes: In this new feature I will be discussing games that all gamers should play before they die. To start this off, this week’s game is Enslaved Odyssey to the West. Now many of you probably never heard of this game and I know, me either(at the time), but I recently got my hands on it and honestly it’s a must play game.

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xDSJxPyro2580d ago

I have really been meaning to play this game, let's just hope GameFly actually sends it out sometime. Friends have said great things about it.

Hitman07692580d ago

I still haven't got a chance to check this out in full, I'm thinking now that it's on HBG's bucket list I owe it at least one play through.

KingSlayer2580d ago

I absolutely loved Enslaved. At first glance, Monkey seemed like a character I couldn't give two shits in the mouth of Paulie Shore about. But as the story progressed and his wall slowly lowered, the emptiness of the setting was filled with story of friendship and loyalty in the midst of hate and control. An unappreciated gem.

Cereal2580d ago

I'd poop in this bucket.

strange19862580d ago

I liked the character interactions and the ending, but otherwise I thought it was just pretty good.

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