Mafia II 70% at GMG; registers on Steam

Mafia II is $8.98 at Greenman Gaming, and is also registrable on steam.

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Bolts2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

GMG seems to be gaining momentum. How are they compared to D2D?? I might give these guys a try...actually lets rate the none Steam digital services.

Gamers Gate

Which one is the best?

Solid_Snake-2428d ago

used D2D and origins and still steam is my favourite.

Ducky2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

I got DeusEx HumanRevolution for $28 on GMG (activates on steam)

GMG has some good deals (along with all of the digital distributors), particularly since you can 'trade-in' some games.

Since I already have a collection of games on Steam, I usually try to buy games from steam, and I tend to only buy games from other retailers if the game can be activated on steam.
(Most EA games can also be activated on Origin)

GoG is in a league of it's own though since it mostly is the place for classics.

ATiElite2427d ago

you forgot Game Stop which bought Impulse i believe.

GoG is good for really old games. has some great deals on AAA titles.

anyway they all have great deals running but for non AAA titles and Indie games i say Steam. hell Steam prices and deals are so sweet i buy games and don't even play them just cause i can't pass up the deals.

I rather Steam get my cash cause I know they will use it for good, give me free games, or let me play online with Valve Devs. None of the other services offer that.

OhMyGandhi2428d ago

Mafia II.
what an awesome game.
great news on the deal.