The Greatest Call of Duty Perks Ever

Regardless of how you feel about the series as a whole, the perk system truly set the standard for multiplayer games today.

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samoon2576d ago

Naa I'm glad it's gone, 100% of players seemed to use it in COD4 and MW2/ WAW.

PhoenixDevil2576d ago

All the more reason to have it back, think how if they put Stopping Power back in with the all the other popular powerful perks into one slot then people will be forced to choose between E.G Stopping Power, Slight of hand, Ghost etc

Septic2576d ago

How about we do an article of the most retarded perks in a Call of Duty game that made you seriously wonder whether the developers ingested cocaine laced mushrooms for breakfast:

One Man Army Pro- I did a double take when I noticed this perk. Naaah....surely not I cannot be...not with Danger Close Pro? But alas, by virtue of a developer at Infinity Ward who injected Class A drugs through his rectum we got OMA noob tubers. And you know what? After getting my knees blown up for the jillionth time by people using this combo I started adopting the same. The Domination game type was never the same again.

Commando- I actually wondered how this would work first too. Will the guy get a bigger knife? Maybe a samurai sword? After all, how can you animate a greater lunge distance? But Infinity Ward had an idea for that. F*ck samurai swords, let's give players a f*cling translocator like in Unreal Tournament and allow them to teleport from one end of Somalia to the darkest and sleaziest corners of Amsterdam. Oh and coupled with a tactical knife, you had a torrent of 12 year old kids thinking they were 'pro' because they managed to spawn so far up the opposing team's ass, they conducted a cavity check before proceeding to kill 6 people in quick succession by merely hammering the right analogue stick.

I'm going to leave it at that because if I start talking about deathstreaks and painkiller, I fear I'll set my fire to my grandmother in a fit of uncontrollable rage.