Catherine – First Ten Minutes

Atlus’ Catherine is now available in stores and before you go out and buy the game, we would like to present the first ten minutes of Catherine.

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LOGICWINS2550d ago

Saw the first four minutes and quickly closed it. I don't wanna ruin anymore for myself. TOO AWESOME!

haymoza2550d ago

Really? This is news? The game is on store shelves right now and N4G thought this was appropriate to approve?

LOGICWINS2550d ago

Ummm...yeah. Problem? Not everyone will be buying this today. Some of us will wait till the price comes down.

KingSlayer2550d ago

I'm feelin' that rap/beat that plays during the opening credits. Can anyone tell me if there is more gameplay than the blocks? Common sense would normally tell me "Yes fool!", but games just can't tell.

SoulMisaki2550d ago

There's the gameplay that takes place during the day. Where you look for information, answer questions, talk to other people, answer text messages, and other things before going to sleep and having the puzzle-causing nightmares.

KingSlayer2550d ago

Thanks for the info! I want to see more of the day gameplay, but that will probably spoil things.