Team Fortress 2 To Get A Medieval Makeover

As if there wasn't enough incentives to play Team Fortress 2 these days. After becoming free to play, Team Fortress 2 is as popular as ever, and it looks like it's about to get even better. According to an update on Valve's Team Fortress blog, Team Fortress 2 will be getting a medieval update soon.

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jmobley2576d ago

love the midevil mod, so much fun, Glad to see some more stuff came out of it.

pungello882576d ago

Nice I just started playing this game since it went free-to-play and it is a lot of fun

AEtherbane2576d ago

FTPtard... just sayin..... but play on! Its a great game

pungello882576d ago

That sounded mean... but I don't really know what you meant

AEtherbane2576d ago

Not really meant to be offensive. As someone who bought the game, its just a name for people who got it for free and are really really bad. (Then again, i have no idea how good you actually are) Hey, when I can get over 50 kills as a spy in a single life...
But keep playing, best game ever :)

k3x2576d ago

Over 50 kills in a single life playing a snail-paced shooter with the skill ceiling set so low you need to lower your head even when you play it for the first time? God damn, that's pretty impressive. Want to post some pub score tables?

Not really meant to be offensive. As someone who plays these sorts of games competitively on top level, I find your douchy, elitist attitude quite laughable. Just sayin'.

AEtherbane2576d ago

I'm not playing it for the first time. I've had TF2 for a very long time. When it became FTP almost nobody knew how to kill a dead ringer spy. That's why i did so well. The game has gotten a little better since, but there are still a lot of people who have no idea what they're doing.

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Calidreth2576d ago

Really hope that they implement these weapons and armor soon. Need more weapons to snipe people with.