A Rage Like No Other

An interview with legendary developer John Carmack to discuss his recent work on id Software’s forthcoming first-person shooter, Rage, lauded by many as the best-looking shooter ever made.

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BrutallyBlunt2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

No comments? Why, because Carmack said the PC side of things are now 10x of that which the Playstation 3 and XBOX360 are capable of? Or is it that he said both of those consoles are very close and the N4G community which is largely made up of Sony supporters don't know what to say now?

Anyways Rage is highly impressive considering it's running at 60fps.

Shaman2579d ago

Yea...everyone is playing dumb.You can tell Activision chief business director that his is talking out of his ass when talking about two consoles,but you can't tell that to the man right here.60fps and not restricting linear world and amazing graphics.I'll take it...

BTW if anyone is wondering game is confirmed 720p on consoles and when(he said rarely) some huge stuff happens it will do automatic resolution lowering for a moment rather than dropping frames.

StayStatic2579d ago

What do you think about the API overhead business ?

This was an interesting read:


Makes you wonder what they could achieve if their was very little overhead like consoles.

Be exciting to see something new come out to resolve this :D

Shaman2579d ago will be hard to "get rid" of DX in PC market,but thats not only thing where you waste a lot of power.The problem is also in the fact that making PC game you have to optimize it for hundred+ combinations of hardware not just one as in consoles.

Of course API's in consoles are big advantage since you can practically code to the metal,avoid some bottlenecks and find smarter and faster ways to achieving the same.For example,in DX9 per object motion blur is not supported,its generally a bugged when some developers try to do it(Crytek in Crysis 1 and 2) but on consoles you can do it as you would do it in DX11 just because you can avoid limitations of API.

gcolley2579d ago

@ levelhead. you sound disappointed there are no fanboy comments so you have to post your own??? get the ball rolling so to speak. go away

popup2577d ago

Looks like the mob is out of town!