Telltale elaborates on the story and choices of The Walking Dead

Joystiq: "Telltale Games didn't have much of The Walking Dead to show off at Comic-Con except for some screenshots and concept art, but we were provided with game designer Jake Rodkin's assurance that it would not be just another zombie game. "The last shot of this game is probably not going to be a guy with two axes on top of a mile-high mountain of zombies," he said.

Telltale's garnered a reputation for building licensed games not just around a popular setting, but around strong stories and characters as well. The Walking Dead game will fit right into that tradition. It won't feature the main characters of the comic book or the TV show, however -- Rodkin said they didn't want players coming in with preconceived notions about how the game's story should play out."

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Wizziokid2459d ago

it sounds like it's going to be amazing in terms of story. can't wait to see it in action.

Lord_Sloth2459d ago

I forgot all about this while going crazy waiting for the 2nd season of the show to begin.

sorceror1712459d ago

Old dungeon-crawling games like Rogue would procedurally generate new dungeon levels on the fly.

Sure seems to me that could be applied to a zombie apocalypse. You're in a city, and each new block is randomly generated; streets, buildings, where supplies and zombies are... endless replay value.