Dragon Age II Legacy DLC Review (EmptyLifebar)

"Only a couple weeks ago the first major DLC for Dragon Age II was announced, with the promise of brand new environments and gear. Clearly Bioware had heard the criticism from its millions of fans and decided to remedy the situation with a new adventure. The DLC has a rather abrupt start, but the action picks up almost immediately, throwing you back into the midst of some satisfying combat."

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AerotheAcrobat2460d ago

I didn't care too much for this se4quel

Xof2460d ago

I think the best review of Legacy's quality is the speed with which people are able to review it after its release.

GreasyBacon322460d ago

DLC does not save terrible games.

Blacktric2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

And what was so terrible about Dragon Age 2? Oh I know; nothing. Except rehashed environments and a disappointing ending, there was nothing wrong with Dragon Age 2. To some hardcore Origins fans, the game didn't feel like a Dragon Age game since Origins was an old school RPG and that's all. Get your facts straight before throwing mud at a game that you probably haven't played properly.

LadyGaga2460d ago

The character directionon in DA2 was terrible. At the end of the game, you didn't feel any more significant to the Dragon Age lore than you were at the beginning. How did our DA2 character affect anything?

Xof2460d ago

lol, you're kidding right?


In Dragon Age 1, you traveled to, what, 5 dungeons to gather 5 magic crystals which you used to access the evil demon lord and kill it (which was a re-texture of a generic enemy, no less). (And yes, all of the captain geniuses with wadded panties, I know the details are different--but the structure is the same super-generic plot I outlined).

In Dragon Age 2 you're at the center of a massive revolution that spreads across the whole continent, destabilizing a social and political equilibirium that had endured for centuries.

Of all the ways to criticize DA2 over DA1, narrative quality is NOT the one to pick.

Canary2460d ago

That's an awful lot of "nothing."

Bolts2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

The problem with Dragon Age 2 isn't the story, it's the content. Everything is copy and paste, every warehouse, every spider infested cave, every location is used and reused for three to four different quests.

Are you telling me that the Bloodmages, the thugs, and the Chantry extremist just happen to inhabit the same dockside warehouse? It's uber lame and reeks of being cash grab.

If this isn't Bioware worst game then I don't know what is. The only thing missing from this insult is two hours worth of corridor RPG gameplay.

dc12460d ago

You're funny.
I doubt that you completed DA1.. or better yet read/conversed with 1/4 of the available NPC or texts.

Just a hunch :)

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Blacktric2460d ago

"That's an awful lot of "nothing"."

The "cons" I explained there aren't anything close to being terrible. They might be annoying, they might be bad to some but they're not terrible.

GreasyBacon322460d ago

Maybe they should find their writers somewhere other then next time they make a game.

TBM2460d ago

i didn't really any issue with part 2, i even platinum the game.

TheGreatGazoo2460d ago

This is a terrible fighting game.