5 DS Games to Survive the Summer Drought

Grant of Writes:

"Are you sick and tired of hearing this/that is coming to the 3DS? Would you love something interesting to bust out and finish off your summer? What better time than now to push you till the next big title is out, especially if you don’t want to shell out $250 for a 3DS"

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rrquinta2430d ago

Man I still need to play Radiant Historia. Have had it for a while and just haven't found the time :(.

Astrella2430d ago

I just got Radiant Historia through GameFly. I think my fiance stuck it in the queue, but I may have to be the one to play it first. ;)

TheLiztress2430d ago

I've been looking to snag Jump Ultimate Stars at a affordable price for the longest time. And at some point, I'd love to play all those titles.

Jamesmanguyperson2430d ago

Still need to finish Okamiden..