EA posts $221 million profit; FIFA 11 ships 15 million

IVG writes : EA has just posted its financial results for this fiscal year, and it’s impressive. After a string of losses, they have bounced back to post $221 million profit, on revenue of $999 million.

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Karooo2552d ago

Mirrors Edge 2 please.

evrfighter2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

Ahhhhh the used game industry is killing us!!!!!!!! /endoftheworld.

Can't make monies cuz production values are too high!!!!!!! /jackupprices

Sashamaz2552d ago

They just aren't paying the developers. I'm sure you've seen the surge of complaints from developers in the past year. Payed for 40hr weeks whilst doing 80plus hrs a week. The high bonuses only go to the top dogs of the industry and not the lower ranked employees who are pretty much the slaves.

Drekken2552d ago

Yeah, they should definitely charge subscriptions... They aren't making enough. Greedy bastards make me sick.

gamingdroid2552d ago

Yes, they should charge us all online passes. They need that money to fund their studios that are suffering!

tocrazed4you2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

Wow that is pretty good considering Battlefield 3 is around the corner; expect those profits to skyrocket after it's out.

Bolts2552d ago

Madden isn't out yet and they always make bank with Madden.

khamvongsa092552d ago

If they are making this much revenue then I don't think the online pass is really needed but to a company, the more money the happier your investors are..

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The story is too old to be commented.