Uncharted 3 Interactive Entertainment Panel at Comic-Con 2011

Playstation Blog: We’re back from Comic-Con International 2011 and we’ve barely survived this year’s awesome, and awesomely busy, show!

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Peaceful_Jelly2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Hear the actors talking feels like if I were actually listening to the Uncharted characters doing the speeches, if you know what I mean. lol

2578d ago
Focker4202577d ago

The freedom and collaboration between the actors and naughty dog team is what makes Uncharted such an amazing series. November can't come soon enough.

Jonah_Reese2577d ago

8 or 9 takes is like some David Fincher type stuff, wow insane. If anything was learned from this is that Emily Rose would have to play Elena, in Uncharted movie.

Ace_Pheonix2577d ago

These guys are so damn amazing, it's no wonder they pump out such stellar games. That could very likely be the best job ever. If only I had some kind of talent to offer Naughty Dog...

Sizzon2577d ago

Amazing video, Nolan North is just awesome, Emily Rose is hot *.* and so look-a-like Elena :P and Amy Henning is an fantastic writer.