GameFront: PC Gaming Ain’t About the Graphics

GameFront: "This is another edition of , a weekly opinion piece column on GameFront. This week, Jim’s tying in nicely with our new enhanced PC gaming coverage."

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Pandamobile2425d ago

I'd still be a PC gamer even if I had to run my games on low settings.

Mouse & keyboard for life. I find it hard to enjoy any game that requires aiming on a gamepad.

Letros2425d ago

Amen, pads are for scrubs, it's like riding in a wheel chair for the hell of it.

Ranshak2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

PC gaming isnt just about graphics thats for sure. I still play games like:

Warcraft 3, CS both of those are 10 years old. They sure as hell dont look good, its just that they offer a different expereince to what todays casual games do. Hell i even play games from the good old Dos days emulated via Dosbox on my modern PC today.

PC is like a freaking time machine, i have games ranging from different ages. Its just something not possible on console. I recently picked up Vampire the Masquerade having a blast with that game its a 2004 game, i am currently playing it in 1080p. No console can do this sort of stuff.

Aside all of this PC offers the widest range of controllers. Dont like mouse keyboard, play on the xbox 360 controller, dont like that use the DS3 dont like that? well there are many other options.

I just feel todays consoles are just too limited compared to what a PC can do. Even though you pay for the hardware its not like you really own it, you use that hardware just the way Sony or MS want you to. With PC you feel you are in control of the hardware and that it really belongs to you.

ATiElite2425d ago

Sure i love PC Gaming for the super duper graphics but for the most part i love PC gaming for the Games it has that are not on consoles.

Remember the PC has all the genres of gaming and when they become popular on the PC then they go to the consoles.

PC Gaming is just a different world from consoles. The amount of core games (Indie or AAA) is just staggering. Plus like others have mentioned KB/M for life for FPS, Full motorized race chair for iRacing, 6 screens flight stick and throttles for Flight Sims, and enough horsepower for realistic A.I. and Hot graphics.

PC Gaming is just the best Gaming experience possible and i say this in a respectful way and i'm not bashing consoles cause the gaming gods know i've played them ALL!!

stevenhiggster2425d ago

For fps, rts and obviously point and click games, you can't beat m&k controls.
However I do still use a pad for tps games. Dunno why, it just feels more suited to the genre, same for any 3rd person games shooter or not.
I just love the fact that this week I have been playing the Commander Keen collection, and then 5 minutes later playing BF3 Alpha (yes I got invited :-)). You just can't do that with a console lol.

Voxelman2425d ago

Damn straight 1 of my favourite games this year have been dungeons of Dreadmor. Which is a sprite based rogelike that was $4.50 (now $5) on steam and I have played it for over 15 hours and still am no where near finishing it.

Games like Frozen Synapse, StarCraft 2 etc I would never wan't to play on a console without a mouse & keyboard. And having great visuals in the epic games like the Witcher 2 is not a bad thing ether.

PC gaming for life, or until I can use my mind to control games and the industry forces everything into the cloud anyway lol.

RedDead20672425d ago

For me, its about the control I get from a keyboard + mouse during FPSes.

I laugh at the auto-aim in the consoles.

_LarZen_2425d ago

I have bought a new gaming pc for 1 reason and 1 reason alone...GFX.

When you are getting as old as me and have played it all there was just 1 way for me to go to experience something new in the world of games.

And that was high-end pc gaming with the best gfx possible today. Dont regret a single $ used..

ilikegam3s2425d ago

I'm glad that I own three major gaming platforms. PC gaming, X360 and Ps3 :)
Its so great to be a gamer. Especially as a PC :) but I prefer x360 and Ps3 cos I like talking to friends (headset).

AKS2425d ago

I'm not sure about the headset comment. That didn't make much sense to me. Headsets work just fine with PC. I actually used my PS Eye camera as a mic for my PC yesterday while playing Portal 2 co-op with a friend playing on his PS3.

Triggs2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

I think he means most of his friends are in XboxLive and PSN. In my case, I have no friends in PSN but I have them all in Steam, Xfire and Teamspeak :-)

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