Top Five Ways to Ruin Your Sim’s Life - GameZone

GameZone's Mike Fischer gives the Top 5 ways to ruin your Sim's life in the Sims games. Be it setting your kitchen on fire and removing the doors, or having them swim in the 'infinity pool', these give you another way to enjoy the game again.

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MultiConsoleGamer2525d ago

I turned my Sim wife into a massive lesbian. She's hit on or made out with every woman in my town. What a freaking slut.

TheSanchezDavid2524d ago

I used to like building a tiny wall around one Sim and watching him starve and pee his pants. Now that I think about it, that was kind of sinister.

athmaus2524d ago

I never really liked the SIms games...i tried it with it first came out, but got really bored with it, I prefur Black and White over the sims ;)

TomFG2522d ago

I've never played a single Sims game. How did that happen?