1UP - Captain America: Super Soldier Review

1UP's Marty Sliva writes, "Superhero games should make you feel what it's like to step into the shoes of someone special. They should let you experience what it's like to wear the cape, strap on the belt, and feel power flowing through your veins. In short, the best superhero games make us feel extraordinary.

Captain America: Super Soldier is anything but."

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MultiConsoleGamer2548d ago

I'm kinda bummed this game is getting such mediocre reviews. The movie was awesome!

If you don't go see CAPTAIN AMERICA in theaters now you hate freedom and the terrorists win.

krazykombatant2548d ago

Ummm you mean that the nazi's win, because thats what cap. america was pretty much made for to beat up the crazy nazis.

krazykombatant2548d ago

Usually movie based on games suck, so no surprise here. But it seems this one isn't THAT bad. Just like Wolverine origins game was pretty damn good.

clarkjudo2548d ago

"We still set the story in the same region and time period as the movie, but we were free to tell our own story. We created the game-flow first and then Christos Gage came on-board and wove an awesome story into the existing flow, adding a roster of villains from the comic books." - Next Level Games

Gameinformer- 7.5