‎22 Batman: Arkham City Characters Revealed so Far San Deigo's Comic Con introduced us to a further two new Batman: Arkham City villains, this brings the overall character tally to a mighty twenty two. Here's a round up on who we will be meeting in Batman: Arkham City.

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TenSteps2465d ago

With the way I'm seeing how they portray the villains I actually wouldn't mind if Rocksteady tried to create their own.

I mean if harley can be born a character outside of the comics surely some would be willing to gamble that an original video game batman villain has a shot.

BeOneWithTheGun2464d ago

Err, where is Scarecrow? He was one of my favorite segments in AA.

krazykombatant2464d ago

This game is shaping up to be one of the GOTY contenders of the year, I'm NOT saying that Uncharted will loose, but with all the competition, it won't destroy records like the 2nd one did. Amazing games coming out this year.

zinkabassy2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

Agreed,.. Game design of the first one was great in so many ways,.. Game is surely going to be great.

My personal goty will go to Dark Souls, because I really cannot see Fromsoftware making something I would not actually spend time thinking how genius they are in game design,.. even 3d dot game heroes ,.. kinda floored me,..

Uncharted will also be balls to the walls spectacular, but Dark Souls is made for me,..

love your avatar :)

BeOneWithTheGun2464d ago

Question: What do you get for getting all the glyphs on their website? I used that Google Chrome trick and received my "key" but am dying to know what it will give me????

bjh0892464d ago

i can see this game doin the main quest with some of the bigger villains like two face and penguin. and side quests for zasz and some of the other minor villains. this is a game where you are gonna want to explore every little detail.