Exclusive: Interview With Takashi Iizuka from the Sonic Team

Exclusive interview with Sonic Team lead Takashi Iizuka

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BeardedGamerShow2580d ago

Should have asked him why there have been so few great Sonic games since the Sega Genesis days.

bmw692580d ago

Sonic generations is looking awesome

swirldude2580d ago

Too dangerous to trust a Sonic title, I'll wait for reviews.

MaxXAttaxX2580d ago

They did a good job with Colors.

x5exotic2580d ago

wait for the reviews,,, yea lol and gta 4 is the best game ever....

kthsdlr2580d ago

I've been a Sonic fan for a long time. This was a real 'squee' moment for me. :)

TenkoTAiLS2580d ago

More like ask him why it's taken since Sonic Adventure to listen to the criticisms and fix the flaws. Sonic Generations looks great, but why did it take 13 years to get Sonic on the right track in a 3D environment.