Disgaea 4 ESRB rating mentions sexual harassment, drugs & perverts

"Apart from the usual Netherworld antics of spell casting and engaging monsters with swords and spells, the ESRB listing for Disgaea 4 outlines references to calling people perverts, sexual harassment, drug use and using a flat chested woman to measure just how straight a shelf is."

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Oldsnake0072248d ago

Sound like a japanese game


Wenis2248d ago

You didn't need to add the jk

Cpt_kitten2248d ago

sounds like disgaea to me bring it the prince gonna be back 3 just didnt feel the same

zinkabassy2248d ago

I am totally cool with that dood,.. I actually get such a stupid grin on my face when listening to the dialog in 3,..

zerocrossing2248d ago

Thats what we expect from Disgaea, Sounds like its going to be just as awsome as the rest!

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The story is too old to be commented.