Catherine Delayed on Amazon

Cole Burton of writes: "Today is a big day for gamers. Catherine is the most original game I’ve played in a long time. Unfortunately, my copy, as well as many others, has had shipping delays with Amazon. Many who have pre ordered with release date shipping have received emails informing them that their game has not yet shipped or is shipping today."

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UNCyrus1829d ago

Strange... I got my package in the mail today.

solidsnake2221829d ago

It seems that the earliest pre orders took priority, although there have been a few exceptions in the threads.

hintonmj1829d ago

Yeah, I got mine today and I pre-ordered Day 1.

BinaryMind1828d ago

Lucky Americans. I won't be getting mine til August 5 :(

puffkix1829d ago

This is pretty unheard of from Amazon... I wonder what happened.

Tru_Ray1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

My guess would be that the game is selling better than anticipated, our their supplier got less copies than expected.

I will be receiving mine tomorrow, which is disappointing, obviously, but not the end of the world.

UPDATE: It looks like amazon is going to refund the shipping costs since they failed to deliver it on the release day. I like that. Even though it is only 1 dollar it shows accountability on their part.


smashman981828d ago

the game has free release day shipping if mine wouldn't have come in i would've had a problem

not to sound like a jerk but if im being guaranteed something on day one and it gets here on day 2 i have the total right to demand further compensation

after all i could've gone to gamestop walmart or another loacal gamestore and i push all those who had their game delayed by amazon to demand compensation as well

its your right

Cpt_kitten1829d ago

and this is a reason i like to buy games from a store

sickbird1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

ha fool

got my copy from amazon this morning.

Cpt_kitten1829d ago

hey derping much couple people already said early preorders took priority

i got mine last night gamestop whoopdedoo

sickbird1828d ago

@ Cpt_kitten i was calling him a fool for buying his shit at stores when amazon always has the better deal.

Kira831829d ago

just dont go to the eb games i pre ordered at, the only thing that could improve my already bad mood was to be picking up this game. To my disapointment that didnt happen.

maniacmayhem1829d ago

Got mine from Gamefly today!

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