Want to save Mega Man Legends 3? Well then, become a Servbot!

It was a sad day, when Capcom decided to cancel the Mega Man Legends 3 project. Gamers from all over came together to post/rant about it. Now's your chance to tell Capcom they should continue development. All you have to do is join the dev room and sign a petition. It'll only take a few minutes, wouldn't it be nice for this to become green lit again?

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baker_boi2583d ago

Aight Megaman fans. It's time to put up or shut up!

Go sign dat thang and get yo game.

killerhog2583d ago

yeah if my signature went towards bringing this to the ps3/psp i would sign, but since its a 3ds exclusive i dont care.

so you should revise your statement to "alright megaman fans who want this to release on the 3ds put up or shut up" cause not all megaman legend fans care since its a 3ds exclusive

baker_boi2583d ago

I'm actually with you on that lol.

Cause I said that to myself right after I made this post. I want MML3, but Im not gonna buy a DS so it'd be useless for me to sign that.

ndl15312582d ago

dammit man were do i sign ?

noxeven2583d ago

Eh, if it wasn't a 3ds exclusive i would but since it is im alright with it being dead unless i can guarantee my signing it would bring it to 360 or psn even as a arcade game. I don't really care that its gone

wwm0nkey2582d ago

wow some of you are self centered asshats.

ndl15312582d ago

yes they cancelled it cause they are buisy making "mega ulra mighty killer marvel vs scamcom vs tekken vs streetscrapper 6 the beginning " don't ask me how i know just believe me