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"It’s hard to get an indie game noticed. Money talks in the gaming industry, and indie studios don’t have it to throw around for excessive ad campaigns and massive show-floor displays at trade shows. Of all the hundreds of brilliant, enjoyable, and original indie games, only a few get the exposure they deserve. Thankfully, LIMBO is not one that fell by the wayside. After being hugely successful on Xbox Live last year, it's back again on two new platforms for more gamers to enjoy."

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BeardedGamerShow2582d ago

About time Limbo made it off the Xbox 360. It's just too good of a game for people to miss it. Glad it's still the same awesome experience on PS3 and PC.

Torillian2582d ago

watched a video of the extra level, looks way too crazy for me. could be fun for the completionists out there though.

kthsdlr2582d ago

Too bad this game isn't cheaper on PlayStation Plus, seeing as how I -have- to buy it.

DarkTower8052582d ago

It was $11.99 for PS+ members last I checked.

kthsdlr2582d ago

Yep, I know. Totally worth it. Just wish it was cheaper. *opens a pocket where moths fly out*