First 4 In-Game Screens From ArmA 3

David Foltyn of Bohemia Interactive has been a little blighter and revealed the first four in-game screenshots from ArmA 3.

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zinkabassy2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

This will be so great in 2 years,..when we will be able to brute force it,... because knowing Bohemia and their optimization skills,.. I am not even going to try to run it, and I just made a pretty monster rig,..

Maybe it is just the AI and really incredible amount of calculations that must be preformed in real time,.. That actually must be some of it,..or else they don't know what the hell they are doing,.. Because every new game that they release gives me a lot of headache, because I want to play it so much the way it is supposed to look,..

Just give us maxed out inhouse specs,.. So at least I know how to build my next rig. It is so funny that a lot of times a way more powerful rigs run it way shittier,..

Flavor2490d ago

Arma 2 failed to impress me; it was very pretty to look at and fooling around with the editor was fun for a few hours, but the multiplayer was just awful, buggy, slow and sparsely populated.

And no, I was never in to 'co op' with a handful of people vs some brain dead AI.

CaptCalvin2490d ago

I agree. Though if someone ported the original Operation Flashpoint missions over to the Arma II engine I'd been all over it. The story from OpFlash really pulls me in, as opposed to the Arma II story which I can't remember a single detail about and it wasn't that long ago since I beat it.