Diehard GameFAN: Bleach: Soul Resurreccion Review

DHGF: Although most licensed anime games due tend to suck horribly, there have been several that are quite awesome. Every Hamtaro video game has been shockingly good. Robotech: The Macross Saga is easily the best side scrolling shoot ‘em up for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. The cast of The Slayers has appeared in some wonderful RPGs on the SNES and Sega Saturn. So on and so forth. It’s precisely because of how good some of those games have been that I decided to review Bleach: Soul Resurreccion – even though before playing the game, I had never seen a single episode of the anime before.

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rabidpancakeburglar2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

Good review apart from the part where he reviews the hueco mundo story as poor. If you're gonna review an anime game then watch the anime

Lucario2580d ago

He says why he's reviewing it though. The token Bleach fan on their staff just had a kid and so someone else had to do it.

rabidpancakeburglar2580d ago

I know but he could at least learn a bit about it

Lucario2580d ago

Dude, he says he did. He tried about a dozen episodes. I'd call that learning about it.

rabidpancakeburglar2580d ago

There are over 300 episodes though, you're not gonna learn much from a dozen.

Lucario2580d ago

If he's never watched it before and he HAS to review the game, how is he going to watch the 100+ the review says are required to know what is going on? There's a time and reality factor involved.

firelogic2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

He shouldn't have to have watched all the way to the end of that anime arc. The game should do a sufficient job of taking him through the story.

Neko_Mega2580d ago

Most likely this person didn't even try to watch the story parts. Because like most anime games, you get told the story before it throws you into battle.

Plus the characters talk while they fight.

Neko_Mega2580d ago

I could careless what anyone says, I'm getting them game for three reasons.

1. I like Bleach.
2. Its pretty much a Dynasty Warriors Bleach game.
3. You get three ep's of Bleach for free off the PSN.

I'm even getting the new DBZ game that is coming out, at least this Bleach game isn't like the Wii one (Which wasn't bad, but weird) that made you look like you were jacking off.