Sony Executive: ‘Developers Have No Grudges Working On The PS3′

Atindriya Bose, PlayStation India, Country Manager comments on Indian developers and how they have no grudges or complaints working on the PS3 platform.

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Inside_out2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

Even Naughty Dog, a Sony R&D company as well as first party developer, recently has come out saying they hope that they standardise the consoles next gen to help developers with game development.

The 360 is not the problem but introducing something totally new and expecting everybody else to pick up the development costs is INSANE which was exactly what Sony did.

I expect the next consoles to be practically identical in performance leaving it to the individual developers/pubs to create/concentrate on great game development with out all the drama over 30 pixels or how many cut-scenes a game has because it's difficult to code for.

btw...I didn't realize India was such a hot bed of game development...O_o

gameseveryday2549d ago

The PlayStation is extremely popular in India. People still buy the PlayStation 2 and the PSP and the PS3 install base is now growing as well.

India is now one of the priority markets for Sony these days.

Some games are even released before USA or UK.

So ye its becoming a 'hot bed' but slowly.

darthv722549d ago

how long until the developers make one copy of the game that can play on the variations in hardware from the likes of ms, sony and nintendo?

Much like pc games can be played on different cpu's and gpu's. It just plays to the system its on.

KingSlayer2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

Playing and performing are two different things. Simply being able to play a PC game on different hardware, doesn't mean you'll get the experience the devs intended.

darthv722549d ago

yeah I know that. It just seems like this standardization is basically leading in that direction.

A standardization on medium, and cpu and gpu and memory yet there can be variances in performance stemming from the different types of those components.

PC devs generally list a cpu requirement as being 3ghz (example) but dont specify if it must be the same 3ghz chip. AMD and intel both make cpu's that fit the "3ghz" designation but all perform differently.

Same thing with the speed of the gpu and memory. Some people buy games thinking that because their celeron is 3ghz and they have 2gb of single channel ddr memory and a 512mb graphics card that it should perform the same as other 3ghz dual/quad core cpu and 2gb of ddr3 etc.

Point is, if there was a minimum that could be reached then these devs could in fact make one copy of a title that could perform differently on the ms/sony and nintendo platforms. The software senses the performance of the system and plays with either everything on or only certain things on.

The convergence of console and pc is happening and that is what the devs and publishers are most likely hoping for. So basically the next gen of consoles would be like buying a player. Different brands have different features but ultimately they all play the same thing because they all adhere to the standard set in place by the content providers.

HAF9122549d ago

inside out usually trolls but he is right here. sony were a bit unreasonable this gen... they could have still made ps3 more powerful, but give more muscle to gpu rather than cpu.

their idiocy to focus on the cpu result: worse looking multiplats on the ps3.

I hope they come to their senses next gen.

firemassacre2549d ago

‘Developers Have No Grudges Working On The PS3′

concidering all of the potentiol for amazing graphics you can get from the ps3 and the cell processor why the would would they have a grudge?

look at it as more of an opportunity to achieve more than what can be done on other consoles.

palaeomerus2549d ago

There's NOTHING amazing about 5+ year old graphics tech.

cemelc2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )


Lol theres nothing amazing? you should check your eyes and stop trolling ps3 articles left and right.

Check this guy comments and youll notice a no end bashing against ps3 or anything related to it.

HardCover2549d ago

For some clarity here:

"Looks like the PlayStation 3 is fairly easy to develop games for provided you take or ask support from Sony."

KingSlayer2549d ago

Is that how Rocksteady got Batman kicking so much ass? Or Rockstar? Konami? Capcom? Level 5? Do I need to keep naming devs?

xtreampro_REVENGE!2549d ago

DO you really think that at one point during the development of their games they never asked Sony for help? You make it sound like asking for help form the creators of the hardware is a bad thing.

There's nothing wrong in asking for help every now and then.

KingSlayer2549d ago

No, I make it sound like development houses that have dev kits were able to do what they do: develop.

palaeomerus2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

Batman Arkham Asylum was done on the Unreal Engine which is a middleware that generally runs a little better on the 360. The only thing they did for the PS3 crowd was slapping some free Joker levels in there.

Rockstar's GTA engine runs quite a bit better on the 360.

Konami? Other than MGS4 what has Konami really done impressive this gen? Why haven't theer been any more MGS 4 type games from Konami and why are they NOW focusing on portable titles and an upcoming multiplatform title?

Capcom is AGAIN using their own middle ware for just about everything. And they came out with the 360 version of Lost Planet first.

All the devs you named were very poor examples.

KingSlayer2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

NEWS FLASH: All devs use middleware, in-house or 3rd party. If you're going to act like you know about the subject, KNOW about the subject.

HardCover2548d ago

"If you're going to act like you know about the subject, KNOW about the subject. '

Dude they say right in that article:

"(...)they have access to the development kit and they work closely with us."

And this is relating to Indian developers, which is right in the damn article description:

"(...)comments on Indian developers "

Next time please read the damn article before you spout off about irrelevant topics and act arrogant over it. You're clearly just an arrogant kid looking to argue.

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Bolts2549d ago

"...provided Sony support you"

There, I fixed that for you.

kamakaz3md2549d ago

deep down inside some developers like certain systems better *cough* treyarch *cough* its almost as if they try and make ps3 look bad by making a multiplatform game on the system look like crap. I dont understand when you have games that are graphically superior too 360. Like uncharted or infamous 2

Ducky2549d ago

Most devs must have a very deep hatred for the PC then.

theonlylolking2549d ago

Ummm I dont know if you know this but the lighting in black ops is better on PS3. On the PS3 guns have light reflections and the light beams through cracks in roofs on the PS3. On the 360 it does not do either but it has a wayyy better framerate and less lag online so I prefer to play it on 360.

If I had pics or a vid to show you then I would.

Rettom2549d ago

Scopes have light reflections to freakin mess us up. 360 doesn't have it.

kamakaz3md2549d ago

the ps3 version of black ops is blurry, and foggy

kamakaz3md2549d ago

id rather play black ops on ps3... controls feel better. I always get more kills then deaths, on the 360 version i always get my ass kicked. Its easier pushing a button down to shoot a gun then it is to pull a trigger.

GusBricker2549d ago

Didn't a Darksiders dev just say the PS3 was a bitch to work on?

gameseveryday2549d ago

This is what this post is abt. Read the article :D

GusBricker2549d ago

Oh, okay.

Well, good luck with the hits, I need a drink.

paintsville2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

You're absolutely right Gus. The industry over developers have expressed their dislike for the ps3. Even John Carmack prefers 360 to ps3 for development.
What is this Executive going to say? That the ps3 is very difficult to develop for, it costs much more to get a game up and running on ps3, and that it takes much longer to get a game up and running on ps3 compared to 360? I don't think so.

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