Further Proof of Live TV Coming To Xbox 360 In November? ( shows more evidence that Microsoft may be planning on launching a new Live TV streaming service on Xbox 360 this November.

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maniacmayhem2464d ago

Interesting, but dont we already have Hulu Plus? Oh well more is good.

I might get the bluetooth headset since i own a wp7.

kma2k2464d ago

Dependant on what shows & channels can have on demand this might be interesting. However the problem is companies like ATT that are capping your downloads people will be scared to go over there cap & might avoid using ths. However if xbox could offer A la cart live tv which people have been saying is the future of tv for going on a decade now people probably would be leaving cable companines by the thousands.

darthv722464d ago

are you an ATT user and do you have a cap on your service? I just recently switched from their regular DSL to the uverse and so far I have not been told about any caps.

I am paying for the 12mb service and what is funny is that it feels slightly slower than the 6mb service I had. I was told that the tv portion does not use the same signal as the internet and when looking at the modem it shows something like a 50+mb signal is being linked between me and the service station.

I dont have the hulu plus but i do use netflix quite a bit. If att does have a cap then I need to go read my fine print and see what it is.

kma2k2464d ago

I have uverse & att if you call or check there website says they have caps, but when you log into your account to check usage or call to check usage they say its still not working yet. They were supposed to have it working in Febuary i belive. Rumors are it has gotten so much negative feedback that they arent going to enforce it just have it as a way to scare peopple into not using to much bandwith

KMCROC2464d ago

Maybe MS will up their stake in Comcast cable.

kingdoms2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

Further proof? It was announced for the fall update preparation from other parties make examples a moot point. Obviously millions upon millions will see digital IPTV like services a far superior option. Not only will the quality be superior it will leap frog any social media tv hybrid services out there. I love Samsung TVs and their high end Blu ray players but by by Samsung smart tv!!!

With the HDD and 360 hardware you will start seeing interactive features like U-control universal started on HD-DVD and finally BLU RAY and its versions. All this powered by unforeseen motion, facial, speech control integration.

*channel 751*

^^^ hbo HD where I live

As for the remote I use my harmony one but will be using kinect for the service when I try this service out assuming my provider will support it.

Mike_Tha_Hero2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

What he said.

Where you guys late on the jump or what? lmao

ASSASSYN 36o2464d ago

Kinect can do everything this controller would be able to do with voice only.

gcolley2464d ago

just slower and less precise

B1663r2464d ago

Nope. Just saying "xbox pause" and "xbox play" is faster than fumbling for any remote ever, and it works every time.

I thought the Kinect haters argument was that it had no core games, and we had moved on from the disinformation slurs that it doesn't work that well, because clearly it works great...

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