Top 10 Things People Hate About Call of Duty's Multiplayer

Here are the top complaints, pet-peeves people have with Call of Duty's multiplayer. Do you agree or not? Let DeltaGamer know what you think

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TurismoGTR2582d ago

they forgot to mention.. there all the same GAME!

... it's called DLC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

perdie2582d ago

I hate how people say its the same game. It is obviously not the same game as it has a different title, story, and it does in fact have new stuff when it comes to multiplayer. Madden games are essentially the same games.

Fishy Fingers2582d ago

Forget it, COD threads are for the COD haters now. Your not allowed to enjoy what you want in peace anymore.

LOGICWINS2582d ago

Assassin's Creed/Yakuza games come out every year with minor changes as well. Why don't these games get the same hate COD gets on N4G?

Active Reload2582d ago

They should spam the site with nothing but COD articles so we can laugh at the haters and their comments. I'm sure they'll get bored of it after a while and go find something else to moan and b*tch about.

dlohnug2582d ago

@LOGICWINS Go look at Assins Creed Brotherhood's multiplayer, its completely original, and mind blowingly fun. Go look at Cod4, Cod5, Cod6, Cod7. What has significantly changed for the better? Has matchmaking and lag and connection issues improved?

LOGICWINS2582d ago

What I don't understand is that if people dislike COD so much...why put so much time/energy into telling everyone how much they dislike it? Why nt just ignore it?

iamnsuperman2582d ago

I agree. There is a lot that goes into games other than visuals and mechanics. Each Call of duty game has given me a different experience because of the story and minor tweaks.

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RedHotChiliPepaSpray2582d ago

The thing is, activation know they can get away with putting out the same re hashed game with some changes and get away with it because they know people will still buy it

Eyeco2582d ago

1. Campers
2. Campers
3. Campers
4. Campers
5. Campers
6. Campers
7. Campers
8. Campers
9. Campers
10. Campers

Campers are the reason stop playin cod games after a week they make the online almost unplayable, removes the purpose of Team Deathmatch

Pro_TactX2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

I am really tired of hearing people complain about campers. I stay mobile throughout the entire match and I don't have any trouble getting around campers.

If people would spend half the time learning the maps as they do complaining about campers, then they would be able to counter them.

Here are a few tips:

1) Check your map.

2) Check your corners.

3) Use your tactical grenades.

4) Change your route if you keep getting killed.

5) Use teamwork and communicate.

I mean really who is to blame? The guy sitting at the window taking shots, or the guy who keeps running into the path of the bullets, expecting a different result each time?

crzyjackbauer2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

im a camper
if you keep getting killed by me 10 times on the same spot than its your fault sorry...

LightofDarkness2581d ago

Camping is a tactic that's as legitimate as running and gunning. Some maps are built for it, others not so much. I've rarely had an issue with campers.

iPad2582d ago

It´s not CoD. It´s the community. Yes, the game has grenade launchers, RPGs, and things that´ll make people rage, but that doesn't necessarily mean you HAVE to use it. does not

BlackTar1872581d ago

I personally wish they would remove 203's and rpg's from Ranked MP.

The rest i like enough.

My favorite part abotu COD though is it gets my whole clan together to play.

Scary692582d ago

I agree with all except 6 not everyone that is older sounds their age. I have friends who are in their 30's who sound like they are 16. I don't know if it's the headset they are using or what but it can be funny.

chriski3332582d ago

i hate all the damn glitches and campers

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Focker4202582d ago

I agree with this list 100%,
but I would also add...

Constant killstreaks and annoying 10 year olds, among other things

Anon19742582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

Yeah, the 10 year old, racist homophobic little bastards are what ruined it for me (Halo too, for that matter) Sure you can mute them, but tell me it doesn't get old muting an entire lobby at the start of almost every match.

I gotta say, the problem doesn't seem AS bad on the PSN, but it's still there. Thankfully games like Killzone aren't swamped with little kids - so I can still get my multiplayer fix without having to continually shake my head, wondering what the hell is wrong with the younger generation.

Edit: Oh! I almost forgot. And I suck. That takes a lot of the fun outta a game. I don't know what happened. I used to hold my own no problem on COD4 and I was still able to hold my own when MW2 came out, but somehow either I got hit in the head and suddenly lost my ability to function or everyone is a master at this game because it seems like I can run around for 38 seconds, not see a single opposing team member and suddenly someone has a nuke or airdrop or gunship or some such crap and it's all but over and I'm left scratching my head wondering how the hell that happened so quickly, then either quit and play something else or jump into a match of S&D. And then the $15 map packs. Wtf is with that? I can buy whole games for $15.

Don't get me wrong. I don't hate COD. I'll be right there when MW3 comes out. I just don't care for what the online has devolved into. I used to play COD to death back when COD4 was new. It's just not the same anymore.

king dong2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

lol @ darkride. i just had to read your usually boring post to see what digs you would make towards the 360... and ofcourse i wasnt disappointed.

i thought you no longer had live so how would you know that it is obviously worse than the sony fanboys gaming utopia that is the psn. get a life man.

btw, i have the psn, and when people have mics, there are the kiddies on there aswell! or is that fanboys here different things to gamers?? sad

on topic, after the great game that was cod4, they lost there way with over the top perks, terrible hit detection, and gernerally trying to improve upon something that was already pretty much perfect!

it's a shame coz i spent days on cod4, and loved every p90 dominating minute of it. i wont be buying mw3 until i see what it all about

iHEARTboobs2582d ago

I loved COD4 as much as the next guy but it was still IW that made the game. It too was glitchy and cheap at times. Only thing that has changed is that they've taken out some cheap/noob friendly stuff and replaced it with some other cheap/noob friendly stuff. I sold off Black Ops because I couldn't stand the multiplayer. But don't get me wrong, i'm still looking to get MW3. And yes, i'm getting BF3 also. They're both totally different.

MRMagoo1232582d ago

p90 the gun that noob built

watchvideogames2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

I love how people hate games they're not good at. I'm not defending the game, I couldn't care less about COD, but stop bitching about games people enjoy and play something YOU will have a good time with.

also, it's called the MUTE button. You press select on "the annoying 10 year olds" as you call it and it mutes them. Viola! No more noise. It's pretty simple guys.

DanSolo2582d ago

That's very true.... all the COD haters do need to just realise that no-one is forcing them to play the game!

I grew bored of COD and never play it anymore, personally I prefer BF:BC2, but many people love COD so why shouldn't they be able to play it?

Some people like to complain it is noobish... but it is no different to watching a movie... not everyone wants to sit down and watch a masterpiece movie... some people want to throw on an explosions and special effects movie that requires no actual following of the story to enjoy it...

I do personally think it will be a good thing however if COD's domination of sales is reduced and it is bought more into line with other FPS's... as that will help with competition and innovation..... hopefully...

BeaArthur2582d ago

My hatred for CoD stems from the fact that it ruins other games. Developers are so busy trying to compete with CoD that everything now has to have killstreaks and perks. Also because CoD is so easy, most other games by comparison are too challenging for the CoD only player and thus they need to get on forums and bitch and complain until they get that game nerfed.

MidnytRain2582d ago


Well, that's a problem with the dev teams, not CoD.

BeaArthur2581d ago

MidnytRain...partially yes but players are also partially responsible. If they would just except the fact that not everything is CoD, then other games wouldn't get nerfed. God forbid they learn how to play something other than Call of Duty instead of whining.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

I' m good with FPS ( most of them ), and I agree with this list. Plus it' s so easy, after few hours of play ( CoD 4 MW ) I was alredy first almost in every match also if there were players of higher lvl ( like 20 levels of difference or so ) ... and I was using a G3!
Same goes for CoD World at War.

IMHO Battlefield Bad Company 1 & 2, Killzone 2 & 3, MoH, Resistance 2, MAG, and even Homefront are better.

It' s not about "hate" for every player that don' t like CoD/MW. I would not to like a snob, but I really think that CoD/MW are really too noob friendly and overrated.

PS: I' m not camper-like gamer ;)

YogiBear2582d ago

I just stopped buying them.

SJPFTW2582d ago

COD4 was nearly perfect minus martyrdom and host advantage. Then infinity ward went all out bat shit crazy with MW2 with overpowered killstreaks, commando, terrible map design, broken spawns and OMA noobtubes. Effectively killing what was a great multiplayer experience

DanSolo2582d ago

I wouldn't go as far as to say COD4 was nearly perfect... but it was a bloody good game, I had many hours of enjoyment on it!

The funny thing is, when MW2 came out, for about a month I thought it had improved on COD4 as I was enjoying playing with all the new toys..... then I realised the truth..... it just isn't as good!

Fez2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

Martyrdom was fine, I almost never got caught by one because I always expected it so got the hell outta there and whenever I used it, I somehow got a kill pretty much every other death. I was disappointed with it's removal in MW2 since it was so easy to avoid yet would strangely always seem to catch people out.

Last stand was far more annoying. Running away from an inanimate grenade is much easier than trying to finish someone off before someone steals the kill.

Host advantage was pretty annoying though.