The Last Fantasy

When a famous game is a shell of its former self, when is the time to simply say "No"?

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SephirothX212495d ago

When the consumers say no?

kreate2494d ago

the thing is ... the franchise will never die due to hardcore fans.
people would die waiting for the next iteration of final fantasy.

even the complainers will still buy ff games and still complain.
lets see how well ff 13-2 sells. most likely people will still buy.
than come back to n4g and upload their complaints.

Zanarkand2495d ago

When thy is humiliated and cannot be redeemed my child. *laughs at own typing*

Hicken2495d ago

When people have no clue what they want, when is it okay to make whatever game you like?

OhMyGandhi2495d ago

if enough people voice their opinions on the subject, and sales reflect the opinion of the majority, that's when something changes.
I doubt Final Fantasy will every just "stop", but rather die and get born again in a different genre, with a different point of view, or perhaps simply being re imagined with a different art style and pace.

it seems like many small, but radical changes have made, and just like a game like "Socom 4", they've kept the "Final Fantasy" name to inspire nostalgia, even though much of what people remember it for has been either removed or streamlined in some way.

Hicken2495d ago

To me, that's always been the way of FF. With every game, less of its predecessors has been there. At least since I've started playing, which goes back continually as far as VII.

Which is why it bugs me so much that people have raised such a stink about XIII and XIII-2.

HeavenlySnipes2495d ago

IMO, if the battle system was realtime (WE ARE IN A GEN AHEAD OF THE PSONE ERA, ITS POSSIBLE SQUARE) it would have been better. I think the biggest fail of it was the fact that auto-battle was much more efficient than actually playing. Due to the game having NO exploration, battling was SUPPOSED to be the best part. Sadly, it was just sit there and press autobattle until you win or had to change paradigms.

I personally also hated the fact that you had to get enemies into critical mode before you could do any damage to them later in the game. It made battles with weak enemies that were too weak to actually kill you take longer because you had to wait until they were in that critical mode before you could actually take loads off there HP.

Like I said, if the battles were realtime, then maybe I would have tolerated it, I stopped playing when I got to Gran Pulse.

haymoza2495d ago

It's too late. A new generation of youngsters, who wouldn't know the magic Final Fantasy once carried if it came crashing down on their foreheads, are Square's new audience. And they genuinely see FFXIII as a really great game. Square will give them what they want. Us old timers will have the wonderful memories from the Nes/PS1 entries ... what's sad is I'm 25 and I'm talking like an old geezer :P

Good article!

Sprud2495d ago

I'm 30 years old and think FF13 is a very good game.

Kos-Mos2495d ago

Well said Sprud. Too bad someone made "Let`s hate FF13 because I just want to hate it" propaganda, and people fell for it.

haymoza2495d ago

Well then you never had good tastes in games to begin with.

@KoS-Mos. I remember you from a different forum. You were permanent banned because of all the anti-American, pro-extremist, intolerant, racist comments anyone could ever make. Ironic that you call my opinion propaganda ...

DeadpoolSkye2495d ago

Kos-Mos, I sincerely hope you're not calling my article "Anti-FFXIII Propaganda". I sincerely did not like the game and played through most of it in case it magically got better. It did not. Call that propaganda if you want. I call it opinion.

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