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dc12460d ago

"They better not do the same for Mass Effect 4" I know you intended to type 3.
Never the less - Well said.

I traded in DA2 with hast immediately upon completion. Never was I more disappointed in a game when compared to the expectations following it predecessor.

Trenta272460d ago

Wow. Thank you for that. I fixed it to the 3.

I agree. I really liked it for the companions, but other then that, everything else pretty much failed. The maps, spells, items, enemies, everything.

I'll doubt I will get DA3 because of all that.

dc12459d ago

Lets hope they 'fix' DA4. I still holding out hope.

Bigpappy2459d ago

I am actually loving this game as a mage. I never have a dull moment. I would have like the option to armor my gang, but it did not hurt the game that much. I think the push to release game more quickly, is forcing Bioware to cut some RPG elements for its games. We can thank EA for that. But, this is still a great game. (8.5/10)

CrzyFooL2459d ago

I don't see any redheads on that website!!!!

Trenta272459d ago

I'm working on that, but I am indeed a redhead =)

Blacktric2459d ago

LMAO! Some "people" on N4G are already making sh*tty assumptions for Dragon Age 3 and hoping that they'll fix 4. And I was wondering how far the intelligence level would go down when it comes to trolls.

Vortex3D2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

Bioware seriously need to stop making the "missing chapter" DLCs. Once you already completed the main campaign story, going back to play the "missing chapter" DLC is like playing the deleted scenes. Why bother especially they want $10 for it.

Worse is the new armor or weapon obtained in the DLC is useless unless you aren't done with the campaign or another playthrough. But once you do that, another "missing chapter" DLC will come out with more new armor or weapon. Eventually, you will not want to replay the game again just to make most use of the armor or weapon.

My attitude now with Dragon Age DLCs is who cares anymore.

If Bioware wants to sell more DLCs, make a good sized expansion like Awakening that has its own full story and new characters.

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