Experienced Gamers - Bastion review

Bastion officially kicked off Microsoft’s 2011 Summer of Arcade event when it was released on the marketplace on July 20th. This action RPG was one of the more highly anticipated Summer of Arcade releases and has thus far been receiving a lot of praise from gamers. But is it everything that it's cracked up to be?

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Solidus187-SCMilk2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

I really love this game. It is amazing for $15 I think. its got it all, graphics, story, character, gameplay, and especially the amazing music. yeah I said it, Music; not the narrator which is great, or the graphics that are beautiful, or even the excelent action RPG gameplay, but the music is really proof of how polished and amazing this game is.

Im happy to support small devs who make amazing ORIGINAL games for 15$, VS SOME CRAPPY OLD ports FOR $5 OR $10.

This was their 1st game, and it really is an amazing first effort. If you think you might like this game try the demo. If you like it at all, I assure you that it is worth every penny. It took me at least 8 hours to finish my first time.

edit- here is the song that plays at the end of the game during an important part:

and here is some of my favorite level songs:

Xander7562583d ago

Hmm I did not know this was Supergiant's first game. Wow, I look forward to others from them then.